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Its a sales job. You get out what you put in. When you sell you have a great day. When you arent it can be tough at times especially during the holidays when it slows down.

Its a small company so usually things are pretty out in the open and discussed on a frequent basis

For me it was just a job I used to improve sales skills and apply them to a new opportunity.

It is a sales job so if you perform and make sales you will be compensated accordingly. If you are lazy or dont make those dials you arent going to do very well.

Always given days off for personal and vacations when asked. No complaints here.

I was happy there and was confident in what I sold but there are sometimes a stigma that comes with leads companies that made it hard at times.

It can be a fun job the hours and schedule are great the pay can be good(if you smile and dial) it was close to home so the commute was short as well.

Its a small office so there can be some internal drama like many offices. Frustrating at times.

Easy access to public transportation is offered

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If you have a good sales day or week there is some commending from the boss in good job type attitude.

Management encourages sales with bonuses with light weekly competition to make goals. Employees are not involved in decision making process.

There is no team structure its a pyramid sales process and top employees get clients until the lower employees reach a sales goal.

In the business of telemarketing its more of the workload you produce on yourself.

Not much communication in this area unless you are not producing enough sales.

Very small company long serving employees are either family or friend of family.

There is no growth opportunity other than being able to keep clients once a sales goal is hit. Then efforts of re-selling is difficult because of product.

There no benefits other than a 401k plan that company match up to 3%.

Its a good well lit atmosphere and climate controlled.

Working hours are decent, taking days off is not an issue, and families are considered if needing to go take care of situations.

If youve worked for the company more than 8 years then you may speak fondly. Other employees do not last as long for image/reality of the company is based soley on quality product and re-sell.

If youre comfortable working minimum wage with no benefits then there is job security. They will hire anyone.

Its a one room business and is handicap accessible.

I was not proud of the product that we sold. My sense of accomplishment was making a sale so my paycheck would be bigger even if I didnt feel right about the sale.

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