Ready to create your financial freedom by owning a successful finance company?

We offer a wide variety of training, marketing, and support solutions for growing brokerages, from starting up to exit strategies .  Look through the programs below to find the best fit for where youre at today.

The Academy is a comprehensive loan broker training program that allows you to learn on your schedule, at your speed, wherever you are.  You no longer need to travel to attend lectures you can stream them from anywhere in the world. Pause, rewind, take notes, and even ask questions of your own personal coach.

The instructors in our commercial loan broker training program have 30+ years of experience in commercial lending, banking, and growing and running brokerages. From their time in the trenches working directly with clients they have learned what works and what doesnt in the real world. They have now distilled years of experience down into the most results-focused training program on the market today, complete with a practical, step by step program for attracting clients and closing deals.

Industry knowledge is critical, but it isnt enough. What separates superstars from average brokers is how they work with others. A brokers revenue and lifestyle can be transformed by minor tweaks to how they pitch, overcome common objections, and drive the deal process from initial conversation to close.

Our Skills Boot Camp is a 3 day intensive focused on teaching, practicing, and refining these skills.  Students rehearse key conversations they will have with clients, lenders, and partners.  They get immediate immediate feedback from the coaching staff, refining their presentations and scripting in drill after drill.  The Boot Camp is about perfecting your craft and making sure you are  100% ready to ace every situation you will face as a broker.

In todays world, books are judged by their covers. And you will be judged on the the quality of your website, the look of your logo, and what you posted on social media this week.  Our marketing packages cover all of these critical components and more.

Our team of marketing specialists works to make your look like a rock star by crafting your brand, designing your website, sending out targeted marketing emails, posting regularly on your social media accounts, and publishing high quality articles directly on your website. Our marketing services even include your own commercial loan broker CRM to make sure you are staying on top of (and in front of) every contact you have.

The most successful business owners have had the privilege of a seasoned mentor to help guide them on their way to the top.  Our coaching program now makes this opportunity available to all.

Your personal coach is a seasoned finance veteran with a minimum of 10 years experience owning and managing their own brokerage.  You will establish a detailed growth plan, hold regular coaching and accountability 1:1 sessions, get access to join monthly webinars with finance industry experts, and more.

Our complete loan broker toolbox is packed with every tool you need to effectively grow and run your brokerage, includingfull access to an enormous lender networkwaiting to finance all the loan types your clients will need.

Most commercial loan brokers have to develop these tools through lots of trial and error, taking up precious time they could be using to close deals. Our team has done all the trial and error for you to develop the most comprehensive, tried and tested system. With our proprietary toolbox you can close more deals, see a boost in marketing, and avoid costly mistakes.

For entrepreneurs who are launching a new brokerage and are serious about achieving success rapidly, we offer a comprehensive launch package.

This solution includes all of the programs above, as well as additional coaching support and branding services.  If you think you might be a good fit for this program, schedule an exploration call with one of our coaches.

Our mission is simple.  We help loan brokers grow their companies quickly and profitably. Our training and marketing programs are based on years of experience and field testing.  We know our systems work because we use them every day to close deals in our own family of brokerages.