Access-A-Ride (AAR) will continue to schedule trips using AAR vans, sedans, Broker Car Services, vouchers and taxis; however, since Paratransit now has contracts with two Broker Car Services, Broker Car Service will increase and voucher and taxi authorizations will decrease.

As discussed in the winter 2013 edition of our newsletter, On the Move, AAR must address many challenges that pertain to using car service and taxis for ADA paratransit service. Our service continues to be in full compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under the ADA, we guarantee a trip, but we will not guarantee a particular service or type of vehicle unless accessibility is mandatory.

In order to meet customers needs, minimize fraudulent car service/taxi use, control costs, and improve service delivery, we have implemented two changes, described below.

Taxi Authorizations offered during the Reservation process will be limited to trips that originate and end in the same borough. Taxi authorizations are not offered for trips between boroughs, trips to/from Staten Island, Westchester and Nassau counties, 26 Federal Plaza, or Rikers Island. We will continue to offer taxi authorizations for trips to LaGuardia and JFK Airports.

As of Nov. 13, 2013, AAR no longer offers voucher authorizations for trips within Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn. Instead, AAR customers in these boroughs need only call reservations, and AAR will assign these trips to the Broker Car Services.

AAR customers will no longer call car services directly to arrange their trips, except in Staten Island. AAR will authorize vouchers for some Staten Island trips. Staten Island customers who receive voucher authorizations for trip requests will call local livery car services that are under contract with AAR.