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Thank you for your interest in choosing the career path of being a certified California Mortgage Loan Originator.Now may be the best time in over a decade to get in on the action. Rates are at new lows and the real estate market continues to generate enormous wealth for those who serve the needs of home buyers, real estate agents, and lenders.

Id like to provide you with the same guidance Ive had the privilege of using to enrich the lives of Weathington Loan Broker Academy attendees since 2004. Before you decide to move ahead, please read our materials, ask questions, and take a moment to schedule a private, no obligation 15-minute telephone consultation with me personally at your earliest convenience.

Should you  take that first step to take control of your destiny and enjoy the financial freedom you deserve, we hope youll choose our program as the path to your personal success. We are the first (and only) loan broker training program which guarantees you will become a mortgage professional certified and licensed by the State of California, or your money back in only two intensive days. There are absolutely no tests, and no experience or degree required.

Mortgage brokers are among the highest paid professionals in the United States. In fact 25% of mortgage brokers earn over $200,000 per year and 10% earn over $300,000. The average commission on a loan is between $5,000 $10,000.