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Reality TV show contestant Noreen Murray from Channel 4s Coach Trip has been sentenced to a 10 month custodial sentence, suspended for two years. Noreen had pleaded guilty to one count of fraud by false representation.

Noreen claimed she had been injured at work, but her claim unravelled when she was shown bungee jumping on national TV just 19 days after her alleged injury. Noreen was claiming for nearly 19,000 in benefit payments, loss of earnings and general damages for the injury sustained.

Noreen claimed she had injured her back moving heavy laundry bags. She claimed she was bedbound for two days, suffering pain in thecentreof her back and couldnt walk or stand longer than 10 30 minutes. However, there was no report of an injury either on the day in her employers handover log or in subsequent emails with her then-employer.

It wasnt until several months later that she made her claim to Aviva for injury. We declined the claim and worked with the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) to bring the fraud conviction.

Richard Hiscocks, Director of Casualty Claims, Aviva, said, Aviva has some of the best fraud investigators working to detect and prosecute insurance fraudsters. Last year we declined 85m suspect and fraudulent claims, defending our innocent customers against spurious claims and keeping premiums down for genuine customers.

Here at Aviva, well continue to protect you, your customers and us against fraud. Well act on the intelligence you supply to us as well as our own data. We even have a dedicated broker fraud referral team who you can get in touch with if you have any concerns. Just email them atc.uk

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