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DD MedTrans Inc. offers all forms of medical transportation, including: ambulatory/assisted, wheelchair, stretcher and even air ambulance transportation.

DD MedTrans Inc. also provides medical translators and interpreters, so you and your loved ones can get proper medical attention, regardless of what language is spoken.

DD MedTrans Inc. will help you or your loved one find the perfect assisted private living home, apartment or skilled nursing home, whatever your budget.

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DD Med Trans Inc. (DDMT) is a nationwide team ofNon-emergency medical transportation broker based in Arizona, providing non-emergency medical rides throughout the nation. We focus on emblematic services in order to promote good health and safe medical transportation. We are known for our exceptional care and hospitality. Our non-emergency medical transportation services are easily accessible any where, any time with a single call on our toll free number (866) 220-3834. We specialize in affordable, safe and professional transportation. We offer the following services nationwide, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year:

We provide non emergency medical transportation services like ground ambulatory services that have been of great help to those who cant move on their own. The ambulances, run by skilled and trained drivers, are well equipped in order to make sure that the clients are taken to their desired places such as to a doctors clinic, with utmost care and safety.

Another service provided by DD Med Trans is the Air ambulatory transportation service that aims at smooth transportation, promising the safety and security of the patients on board. The private  airliners, operated by highly qualified pilots, are well equipped and customized. Exceedingly qualified medical experts are present all the time to take care of the patients safety. The determined task-force, including the pilots, the medical professionals, the technical folks and the ground work-force aspire to improve as many lives as they can.

The ground ambulances are well set and fully equipped, in order to meet the various needs of varied patients.

Another service, non emergency stretcher transportation, is also provided by DD Med Trans., which again has helped many patients nationwide. It is intended to help those who cant sit upright due to some medical issues.

These are the non-emergency services, which means the patient might not need medical attention during the transportation.

Similarly wheelchair transportation services & handicapped transportation services are also provided.

So let us help you with your medical transportation needs.

To reserve our  services and experience the world class hospitality, call us today at our toll-free number:(866) 220-3834, ormake a reservation here.