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Migrate and extend VMware environments to the AWS Cloud

Run AWS infrastructure on premises for a truly consistent hybrid experience

Formula One Group Uses Amazon SageMaker to Optimize Racing

Learn how Formula 1 uses Amazon SageMaker and other AWS services to optimize racing decisions and improve fan experience.

Formula One Group is moving most of its infrastructure from on-premises data centers to AWS and standardizing on AWS machine-learning servicesincludingAmazon SageMaker.

Using historical race data collected from cars over the past 65 years, Formula 1 data scientists are training deep-learning models that make race predictions and help teams optimize mid-race decisions. The models can predict when teams should pit their cars, determine the best timing for changing tires, and evaluate how drivers are performing.

Formula 1 then uses AWS data streaming, analytics, and media services to deliver insights about driver decisions and car performance to its more than 500 million fans.

Because Formula 1 runs its high-performance computing workloads in a scalable environment on AWS, the organization can innovate on the Formula 1 racing experience, car design, and more without worrying about capacity.

MLB Chooses AWS as Official Machine Learning Provider

Learn How Americas Professional Baseball League Brings Meaning to Statistics Using AWS Machine Learning

MLB has been collecting statistical data on its players and clubs for decades, and in 2015 it started using AWS to collect and distribute game-day stats to enhance the fan experience.

By usingAmazon Sagemaker, MLB is empowering its developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine-learning models at scale.

These models help MLB eliminate manual, time-intensive processes associated with recordkeeping and statistics, like scorekeeping, capturing game notes, and classifying pitches.

MLB plans to work with the Amazon ML Solutions Lab to continue improving Statcastits tracking technology that analyzes player performanceincluding testing accuracy of pitch predictions and creating personalized viewer experiences.

MLB will continue to innovate using artificial intelligence. The organization plans to useAmazon Comprehendto build a language model that could create scripts for live games that simulate iconic announcers.

Learn how Epic Games uses AWS to deliverFortniteto more than 200 million players around the world.

Epic Games has been using AWS since 2012 and is now all in on the AWS Cloud, running its worldwide game-server fleet, backend platform systems, databases, websites, analytics pipeline, and processing systems on AWS.

In 2017, Epic Games launchedFortnite, a cross-platform, multiplayer game that became an overnight sensation. In its first year,Fortnitesuser base grew by more than 100 times to 200 million players worldwide.

AWS is integral to the success ofFortnite. UsingAWS, Epic Games hosts in-game events with hundreds of millions of invited users without worrying about capacity, ingests 125 million events per minute into its analytics pipeline, and handles data-warehouse growth of more than 5 PB per month.

Using AWS, Epic Games is always improving the experience of its players and offering new, exciting games and game elements. The company plans to expand its use of AWS services in the future, includingmachine learningand containerized services.

Matson Operates Its Global Shipping and Logistics Businesses on AWS

Learn how Matson is using AWS to drive innovation and world-class customer service, while achieving operational reliability, security, and infrastructure cost savings.

Matson built a flagship mobile application for global container tracking that allows customers to perform real-time tracking of their freight shipments. Other valuable features in the application include interactive vessel schedule searching, location-based port map lookups, and live gate-camera feeds.

All mobile devices access AWS viaAmazon API Gateway. This provides highly available edge located endpoints for access into resources within Matsons existing virtual private clouds.

TheAWS Lambdafunctions are designed using the microservices pattern and are modeled around specific ocean-based business contexts, such as shipment tracking and vessel schedules.

Amazon DynamoDBmanages configuration as well as user-feedbackconfiguration and user-feedback notifications sent from mobile devices. DynamoDB Streams provides real-time notificationsto Matsons customer service team.

Matsons customers rely on accurate, up-to-the-minute container tracking and vessel status information. Monitoring and alerting of system events is achieved by usingAmazon CloudWatchAmazon SNSAmazon SESAWS Lambda, and CloudWatch Logs.

Matson can now offer customers an end-to-end serverless application to help track their shipments, and has no infrastructureto maintain.

BP Improves Effectiveness and Gains Cost Agility and Speed for Its Critical Business Apps

See how BP simplified and modernized its suite of SAP applications, improving user experience while gaining cost agility and enhanced performance.

BPs IT organization manages SAP applications used by thousands of employees worldwide for supply chain, procurement, finance, and more.

To improve speed and gain cost agility, BP usedAmazon EC2to migrate these core business apps to the cloud. In addition, the team built EC2 X1 instances to increase scale and to power their real-time analytics.

The team can now stand up systems on demand in hours instead of weeks or months. BP is seeing performance increases across the board, including a 40 percent speed improvement for the Lubricants ERP system.

As part of its cloud migration, BP reset its security standards usingAWS ConfigAWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)Amazon CloudWatch, andAWS Trusted Advisor. These new standards helped BP to develop a secure framework for operating its IT organization.

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS.

Build with powerful services and platforms, and the broadest machine learning framework support anywhere.

Securely store, categorize, and analyze all your data in one, centralized repository.

A system of ubiquitous devices connecting the physical world to the cloud.

Build and run applications and services without thinking about servers.

Package and deploy applications that are lightweight and provide a consistent, portable software environment for applications to easily run and scale anywhere.

Build with a mature set of services specifically designed for the unique security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements of large organizations.

Durable, cost-effective options for backup, disaster recovery, and data archiving at petabyte scale.

Flexible, scalable compute capacity for Microsoft applications. Easily manage and secure Windows workloads.

Engineered for the Most Demanding Requirements

Comprehensive security capabilities to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Rich controls, auditing and broad security accreditations.

Build hybrid architectures that extend your on-premises infrastructure to the Cloud.

Access as much or as little as you need, and scale up and down as required with only a few minutes notice.

The AWS Cloud spans 69 Availability Zones within 22 geographic regions around the world, with announced plans for 9 more Availability Zones and three more Regions in Cape Town, Jakarta, and Milan.

Mumbai (3), Seoul (3), Singapore (3), Sydney (3), Tokyo (4), Osaka-Local (1),Hong Kong SAR (3)

Frankfurt (3), Ireland (3), London (3), Paris (3),Stockholm (3)

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