If the domain name you want is already registered by someone else, you can use our professional Domain Broker Service with your personal Domain Buy Agent to attempt to acquire it for you. Domain Buy Agents make every reasonable attempt to contact the current domain name registrant to try to negotiate its purchase.

In addition to the Domain Broker Service fee, there is a 20% Buyer Broker fee ($15 minimum fee).

The Domain Broker Service purchase gives our agents a maximum of 30 days to negotiate a deal for you. Your purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you want to pursue a different domain name instead of the one you originally purchased, you must purchase a separate request to acquire the new domain name through Domain Broker Service.

If we cannot contact the registrant or the registrant refuses to sell, there is nothing more we can do to help you acquire the domain name. When your Domain Broker Service expires, we make no further attempt to acquire the domain name for you.

The Domain Buy Agent made a reasonable, best-effort attempt to contact the current domain name registrant, without response, within the appointed period of time.

You no longer want to pursue the domain name.

The current domain name registrant refuses your highest offer.

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