My easy-to-follow and highly effective system for identifying trading opportunities is based on price action. Its easy to use in real time trading and it works. In fact, its based on the same principles that large institutional traders use to make trades.

When you join us here at The Forex Trading Coach, youll have instant access to our Daily Trading Suggestions.

These are trades that we place on the membership site based off the close of the Daily (D1) charts.

By following our trades, it allows you to develop a real time understanding on how we trade. It also gives you the opportunity to profit from these trades while you are learning the course.

This is a great way to train your eye to be able to see what we see. It massively speeds up the learning process and allows you to start trading profitably much quicker than simply by looking at screenshots of historical trades. It also allows you to be able to see and take trades for yourself across all time frame charts.

What better way toEarn while you Learn

If you are reading this, youll likely already know that my Online Video Course is one of the best courses you can find online and has4.7 star ratingfrom 10+ years of reviews on the popular review siteForex Peace Army

Its a Video Course that will help you become a profitable and successful forex trader. Once you understand how to trade well, you candevelop a passive income, achieve financial freedomandachieve your dreams.

If youve been wanting to achieve this without spending all day watching the charts .

We are real Forex traders. We trade the Forex market daily. We trade from home.

I started trading the Forex market back in 2002 and I started The Forex Trading Coach in 2009. There are very few other Forex companies who have been around that long.

I have developed a trading strategy that allows me to trade well and have a life and thats very important.

There is no fun in sitting at a computer all day and night waiting for trades, watching every pip move up and down, scared you might miss out.

There are several key features that make my strategy successful and why so many of my coaching clients are now successful:

The strategy can be used successfully on any Forex pair and and time frame chart.

You can trade my strategy successfully in less than 30 minutes a day.

I only look for a new trade on the close of a candle meaning youre not sat there waiting for line x to cross over line y

I trade trend continuations and trend reversals.

I trade with very low risk per trade (0.25 0.50% account risk per trade)

I trade with high reward:risk trades (generally 1.5:1 through to 4:1 R:R trades)

I never count my gains in pips, only percentages.

I teach you exactly what Im looking for in a new trade setup.

I teach you where to place your entry and exit levels to reflect the nature of the market at the time you are placing your trade.

I teach you how to analyse the strength and weakness of different currencies so you can trade in the direction of the strongest pairs.

The course contains very detailed training videos which will help you to be able to trade by yourself.

We post specific trades each day based off the Daily (D1) charts, with the reasons for taking the trades, plus the exact entry and exit levels.

We post the daily strength and weakness analysis, so you know which pairs are likely to be the big movers for the day.

We post Weekly (W1) and Monthly (MN1) chart trades, along with the weekly strength and weakness analysis.

We hold live weekly webinars, during the European session one week and the US session the following week. All webinars get recorded for you to watch at a later stage if you cannot attend live

All webinar recordings dating back to 2010 are available for viewing.

We run an awesome Clients only Forum site where trades are posted and discussed, along with a live chat feature with other clients.

There is a Support site which contains information regarding the strategy and answers to all trading questions that Ive ever been asked by clients.

Our trading software runs on the MT4 platform (and soon to be on the MT5 platform). The software helps to identify trade setups. It identifies the different candle patterns were looking for. It plots Divergence and Hidden Divergence, major Round Numbers and it also plots the Daily Support/Resistance and Pivot Point levels on your charts. These get auto updated each day.

Email and support ticket help is included as is technical help via online webinar sessions.

We cover the globe with myself based in New Zealand, Paul Tillman based in the US and Mikalai Surynau based in the UK. Mikalai also supports our Russian speaking clients.

As you can see, there is a massive amount of information in the course to help you become a successful and profitable Forex trader.

There are certain websites out there that will tell you trading is easy. Its NOT. Believe me, it look me 4 years to become a profitable trader on a consistent basis.

It took hard work, dedication and determination.

My course can drastically help short cut this learning process for you.If you dont want to put in some effort up front so you can reap the rewards longer term If you think youll be doubling your money every 2 weeks ou have no intention of wanting to become a good Forex trader ou are the sort of person who has a tendency of changing trading systems all of the time If you fall into any of the categories above, feel free to click away from this page now.With that said, if you are ready to completely transform your life and your trading results, then keep readingThe Successful Trader System Online Forex Course

The Successful Trader System Online Forex Video Course. The same system I use day to day for my own Trading and used by traders in 58+ Countries around the world since 2009.

Full Access To My Proven Successful Forex Trading Strategy

Areas of study covers: Price action patterns using Candlestick analysis, Support & Resistance areas, Pivot Points, Bollinger bands, Trend Lines, Divergence, Fibonacci Extensions and Retracements, Money Management, Reward:Risk.

Invest in Yourself Its The BEST Investment Youll Ever Make!

Trading the Forex market can be a lonely business. Its also much, much harder than most people imagine. Why do you think 90-95% of all traders lose money?

Its a well known statistic that most Forex traders will lose money. There are many reasons for this, such as a lack of a trading strategy or poor money management. However, its deeper than that. Most people simply dont know what they are doing. They have no support, no-one to learn from, no-one to follow and ask. You might think you can learn it all from a forum site or by watching a few You Tube videos, but really your just fooling yourself, wasting your time and likely, wasting your own money!


In this last step, Im going to walk you through what happens when you sign up, and join over 2500+ others whove entrusted me to build their Forex knowledge since 2009.

Step 1:Click on one of the buttons that says Join The Full Membership Now! anywhere on this page.

Step 3:Wait for our reply to see if we believe we can help you.

So click the button below to begin a life changing journey of becoming a successful and profitable forex trader.

Unlimited Access to over 270 minutes of videos explaining the whole trading strategy in detail. The videos are set out in a logical order which follows the course notes.

For correct money management, allowing you to trade any time frame chart, any pair and any stop loss level with the knowledge that your risk has been controlled.

Unlimited access to my Candlestick pattern recognition software plus software to help identify entry and exit levels for all time frame charts.

Access to our Clients only Forum site and Live Chat. Share your trades and learn from other traders. An invaluable resource for fast tracking your trading success.

You can contact me by e-mail (we answer all emails personally), you can submit a support ticket via the FAQ help desk and you can ask questions live during the weekly webinars.

Access to my Daily Currency Strengths and Weaknesses analysis aiding which pairs to concentrate on trading for the next 24 hours when trading the shorter time frame charts. This helps to keep you on the right side of the overall market direction.

Access to my Daily Trade Recommendations to aid your learning. Log in each day to the members area and view trades I am selecting myself based off the Daily (D1) charts. The currency pair, the direction of the trade, the reasons for taking the trade and the exact entry and exit levels are mentioned. This allows you to earn while you learn but more importantly, it provides you with real time daily on-going education. The aim is for you to be able to select these trades for yourself over time.

Access to our Weekly clients only live 2-hour long trading room webinars. We trade live in front of our clients taking trades as they present themselves. Clients can also use these webinars as a Q&A session in between taking trades, plus we concentrate on a specific learning subject during each webinar.

A simple but powerful breakout strategy which is 100% set and forget and traded just once a week.

These are available which allow provide a massive amount of trading knowledge. There are 100+ hours of recordings every year.

Unlimited access to a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions and our Help Desk.

Once youve invested in your Education, youll receive these 6 things:

1. A welcome pack, walking you through the order in which you should consume the Forex Training course for the best results.

2. Access to the Members Only Private Area on my Website.

5. A link to join our next Live Trading Room Webinar.

6. Youll have your own copy of our MT4 Trading Indicator & Templates for any MT4 demo and/or Live Account(s).

1. My Daily Trading Suggestions. These are specific trades, including the reasons for taking the trades, plus the exact entry and exit levels (all of this is taught in the course). We also make suggestions based on the Weekly and Monthly charts.

2. Daily Currency Strength and Weaknesses Analysis (again, all of this is taught in the course).

Both of these are updated daily as I share with you the trades I am placing myself.

3. The Course Notes and Online Training Videos the step-by-step education that will build your Forex knowledge and will take you through the strategy in great detail, helping you absorb my profitable Forex Trading system.

4. Youll be able to register for upcoming Live Trading Room webinars and view all past webinar recordings, for extra opportunities to learn (or reinforce) your Forex Trading skills

5. Youll have access to our Clients only Forum site where youll be able to interact with other traders via a chat box. We also post screenshots and trading suggestions on the Forum site and discuss our trades.

6. A unique login to my Help desk and Frequently Asked Questions, only available to my clients, aiming to deliver you answers as soon as you have questions!

7. Youll be asked for your MT4 account information, so that my team can code your own personalised software, that you will then install into your MT4 platform

Once youve followed those steps, youll be on your way to build your Forex Trading knowledge, allowing you to trade confidently and profitably yourself.

Every week we hold aLive Trading Room Webinar. They are during the European Trading Session one week and during the US Trading Session the following week.

It is important to note that we are real traders. We are not economists. We trade in real time. We do not say this is what we did yesterday or this report came out better than expected yesterday and look what happened.

You cannot make money from that. You can only make money from having the ability to make a decision based off thhe right hand side of the chart its all about what is happening right now. Anyone can be a multi-millionaire Forex trader with the benefit of hindsight!

We trade live and in real time. Youll see us trading live, on live accounts and in real time during the Weekly clients only live 2-hour trading room webinars.

Clients can also use these webinars as a Q&A session in between taking trades, plus we concentrate on specific learning subjects during each webinar.

If you miss the Live Webinars, dont worry! We always keep a recording of each webinar and all past webinar recordings (100+ hours each year) are available on the membership site dating back to 2010 for you to watch and learn from at your convenience.


Comments posted from our coaching clients on the popular Forex Peace Army review site

(Click on the link below to view all reviews dating back to 2009)

I have been learning to trade off and on for 5 years. I have tried a few systems and strategies over those years however I was not able to become consistently profitable and/or I was not comfortable with the method. Andrews system is my favorite because it is a great strategy and the course (webinars, forum and the coach) is very supportive. I have been with the course about a month and it has really helped me see how to become consistent and profitable in trading.

Have been on Andrews course for two weeks now after watching many of his youtube videos. Very impressed with the content and detail of the learning material and the approach and delivery. Follow up and coaching/mentoring is abundant and also IT support (a major for me).

I joined Andrews online course 3 weeks ago..looking for that edge, that extra help in my dare I say it- disappointing results in my trading thus farNow Im already profit!

Andrew simplifies trading , he joined the dots for me brilliant course very beneficial downloads, from trading plan to MT4 software, that just simply works and provides for higher probability trade set ups.. then theres his weekly webinars- cant fault them- hugely beneficial on every level- and finally , his customer service is exemplary.. customer service is king in any business- Andrews is first class- he genuinely want this client to be successful watch this space- I will post again when I smash it out of the park thanks to Andrew!

You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. Click on the question to open the answer.

Firstly, thank you for showing an interest in both becoming a successful trader, and letting me help you achieve that goal.

Secondly, Click on any of theJoin The Full Membership Now! links anywhere on this page.

This depends upon what style of trader you are or want to be. I have some clients who trade for just a few minutes per week on the Weekly and Daily charts, others trade certain hours during the day on the lower time frame charts. Personally I trade the Daily charts which takes 510 minutes each day and then I will look at the 12, 6 and 4 hour charts which takes me another 10-15 minutes each day. My trading takes me less than 30 minutes a day.

Any time frame chart can be traded. If you like to trade less but with higher probability I would suggest the Monthly, Weekly and Daily charts.

From there, Id suggest the H12, H6 and H4 charts. If you prefer more action you can trade the 1 hour charts or lower. Some of my clients trade only the 15 minute and 5 minute charts. Really this depends upon you and what time frame charts you find suits your available time or trading personality. The great thing with the strategy is it is not limited to just one time frame chart or just a certain time of the day.

I have heard you are keen on good money management, can you explain more?

I believe that good, low risk money management is an essential (yet often overlooked) element in determining your trading success. I trade using the reward:risk theory. I trade with a maximum of just 0.5% account risk per trade. This ensures a smooth equity curve and it also ensures emotions do not control my trading. This theory also allows for any time frame chart to be traded as the individual stop loss of the trade is not important. The important factor is having a trade that returns between 1.5 4 times its risk. For example a 3:1 reward:risk trade would mean 0.5% of the account is risked and a 1.5% return is achieved when the trade reaches the profit target. Notice how I have not mentioned anything about the number of pips made or lost on the trade !!

Can I talk with a current client to find out more?

Yes this would be possible. Please contact me directly and request to be put in contact with an existing trading client.Click here to email me

My software works on the Metatrader MT4 platform that is available free of charge from a large number of International brokers. My suggestions are AxiTrader, Go Markets, Blueberry Markets and Pepperstone who are all based in Australia. You can use any MT4 broker, even if its just on a demo account if you already have a live account with a non-MT4 broker. However I suggest you use a broker that uses a 5 day week on the Daily charts. This means the charts open at 5pm EST New York Time. Here is a list of other good MT4 brokers who use the correct start of day charts:

Click here for my recommended list of brokers and other Forex tools

What makes your course different from the others?There are many reasons, here are a few:

I am a full time Forex trader myself and I created the course myself. This means you are being taught by a real trader, not by a stand up on stage salesman who has never traded before.

The live trading room webinars are fantastic. We trade on live account in front of you in real time. You can see the account and listen to the reasons why we take each trade. This is a great way to see real time live trading.

We make Daily trading suggestions every day which allows you to follow along and earn while you learn. We mention the pairs were trading, the direction, the reasons why were taking the trades along with my exact entry and exit levels.

The strategy works regardless of where you live in the world and also regardless of why style of trader you are. Any pair and any time frame chart can be traded.

We answer all emails personally. I am based in New Zealand and I work with Paul Tillman who is based in the US and Mikalai Surynau who is based in the UK. Both Paul and Mikalai were clients of mine who have traded so well, they are now part of the team.

The strategy is built upon sound, proven technical analysis.

You can trade in less than 30 minutes a day. No more watching charts all day long!

If you can make money from trading, why do you teach others?

I enjoy the contact and interaction with other traders. Trading can be a lonely business and I have met and been in contact with some amazing people through my coaching business. I also find that to coach someone I have to know my own course and strategy inside out. Teaching others also helps keep my own trading disciplined.

Paul Tillman and Mikalai Surynau work with me at The Forex Trading Coach. They were both coaching clients and have been so successful with their trading, they are now part of the coaching team.

I like to achieve 5 10% per month from all of my trades. I use only 0.25 0.50% risk per trade. Due to the low risk per trade, drawdowns are kept very low.

I prefer set and forget but it depends on the type of trader you are. Some people prefer to make an analysis after the close of each candle.

You can easily trade the system in less than 30 minutes per day and still look at several time frame charts. If you wish to trade just the Daily charts, this will take you just 5-10 minutes a day.

Some discretion is involved to select which trades to take but that is all covered in the course and webinars.

Allow 1 3 months. Those who dont rush succeed. Those that think they know it all 2 days after purchasing the course generally struggle initially before I tell them to take their time, go back and read the notes, watch the videos and attend the trading room webinars.

The 80:20 rule applies. 80% are successful to achieving amazing returns and 20% probably are at breakeven to not successful. You need to have a passion for trading and be excited by it. For some people trading is just not the thing for them while others start introducing old habits when a few trades go against them rather than sticking to what I teach. The strategy is not hard but some people are easily distracted and dont treat trading as a longer term business. The I want it all now mentality does not work if you wish to be a successful Forex trader. This may sound harsh or blunt but it is the reality that most people will never tell you. I know as I have been through this process myself and once you treat trading seriously and take low risk, high probability trades you will become a successful and independant trader which in turn brings all the benefits of income and lifestyle that everyone is seeking when they start out. Most will never achieve this and lack of good education is the main reason.

If youre looking to invest in the Successful Trader System, I want to make sure its right for you. Please share with me your biggest challenges below, and Ill reply personally to let you know if I think I can help you (or not).

© 2019 The Forex Trading Coach Ltd (NZ FSPR:FSP37396) provides general information and educational courses and materials only. This is not an offer to buy/sell financial products. We do not provide personal advice nor do we consider the needs, objectives or circumstances of any individual. Financial products are complex and all entail risk of loss. Over-the-counter derivative and foreign exchange products are considered speculative because they are highly leveraged and carry risk of loss beyond your initial investment, hence should only be traded with capital you can afford to lose. Please ensure you obtain professional advice to ensure trading or investing in any financial products is suitable for your circumstances, and ensure you obtain, read and understand any applicable offer document.

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