Our teams are dedicated to delivering innovative insurance solutions to protect businesses of all types and sizes.

Whatever the profession, we are committed to partnering our clients with an insurance broker that specializes in the proper industry.

As an employer your biggest investment is your employees. Let our experienced team protect your investment.

At AssuredPartners, were not just in the insurance business.  Were in the business of cementing powerful, lasting relationships.  Relationships built on trust that we earn day in and day out by working openly and honestly with you as partners to achieve common goals.

As true partners, our national team of dedicated, highly experienced insurance brokers and professionals always have your best interests in mind and are passionate about protecting your assets and helping you grow.  We find all the best new solutions through listening, problem solving and collaborating with you.  We dont blindly enforce corporate mandates – we make decisions that are right for you.  Ones that fulfill your exact needs and further your success – now and in the future.  Thats power through partnership.