CA Realty Training now offers a Brokers package to get you to the next level of your Real Estate career. To qualify for a Brokers License, you are required to complete eight courses and pass the California state Brokers exam. California requires individuals to receive their salesperson license and receive 2 years of experience before taking the five remaining courses.

For detailed information on all courses visit ourcourse page.

If you are currently not licensed as an agent, please view oursalesperson license program pagefor more information.

CA Realty Training offers a unique correspondence program that takes textbook learning to the next level. Our online materials help students walk through each course providing them with an unparalleled user experience. Each course was developed to assist you in preparing for the brokers exam.

All courses fulfill state requirements for Brokers License

Must have valid Real Estate Salespersons License for two years

Additional material available for extra cost:

+$85 for hardcopy textbooks (excluding tax and shipping fee)

+$129.99 for full online training videos (Practice, Principles and Finance)

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