Our member-elected Board of Trustees operates with complete transparency and has one objective only, namely to put the interests of our family of members first

At Fedhealth we understand that your time is money. Which is why weve established our unique Broker Academy. So that you can undergo the FSCA-required training whenever, and wherever, it suits you.

Joining the Fedhealth family as a broker means providing your clients with medical aid that offers solid cover, value-added service, a comprehensive option range, tangible benefits and true financial stability, together with the ability to dependably pay claims.

This website and the information contained within it is intended for information and consumption purposes only and does not by any means supersede the Rules of the Scheme. In the event of any discrepancy between this website and the Rules of the Scheme, the Rules of the Scheme will prevail.

The rules of the scheme areavailable here- Please click on the rules and annexures tab in order to access the documents. Alternaltively a copy can be obtained by contacting the Fedhealth customer contact centre on0860 002 153.>