Millions of kids are graduating unable to find meaningful work andacademia alone will not prepare your child for a thriving career.A Ph.D. in football would not qualify your child for the NFL.There are five key skills that create desirable, hirable kids.Most parents think that these five skills are taught in school.These five skills are best taught by parents acting as mentors. Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes is an entrepreneur, real estate coach, professional writer, speaker, husband and father. Currently, Mark is the President of Stockworth Realty, a leading Central Florida-based real estate company founded in 2006 to represent high-profile clients outside of the communities of Lake Nona and Isleworth Golf & Country Clubs. In 2015, Mark Hayes led a management buyout of Stockworth Realty. Stockworth is the preferred referral company for the United States Tennis Association and many other major employers in Central Florida.