Do you waste precious time inputing orders, and tracking trucks when you should be calling on freight? Do you ever lose track of a load that has been delivered? Have I gotten Paid by my customer? Did I pay my carrier? Has it affected my credit? Better yet have you ever had a customer call you months after a load has been delivered looking for a signed bill of lading, causing you hours of research. What if I can tell you that these problems can all be solved within seconds with the touch of a button, would you be interested?

What if I could tell you I could take an order and track it from truck assignment all the way through payment in one place, for a low cost, freeing up time for you to solicit biz, wouldnt you want to see it? Welcome to

the newest, most complete freight broker software to let you solve all of your daily problems with the click of a mouse. This web based software was designed by truck brokers, not computer nerds to give you everything you need to keep your business organized and run efficiently.

One click dispatch for all the carriers that you have set up in the past

Click our duplicate load function and customize loads to your specs. Once customer info has been downloaded in the system, it is only a click away.

Broad view of all of your employee dispatch to oversee the whole operation

Catalog of all carrier information including contact info, cell phone numbers, MC , insurance, and email address.

Catalog of all customer information including directions, contact numbers, web sites, receiving hours, and contact names

Hosted Transportation system can be accessed any where there is internet access

Software and data is always up to date and securely backed up.

You do not have to worry about software installation or updates. TBS is updated and new features are added as they become available – weekly and sometimes daily.

Access via mobile devices! ( iPhone/Android )

The following is included in the set up process

Import of existing data. Must be in electronic format. A CSV or Excel file is preferable, however we can work with you to get whatever data you have into the Truck Broker system.

A getting started overview to get you up and running as quickly as possible

Design new business processes and the corresponding screens to meet your needs

Create new interfaces with 3rd party applications to either send or receive data

We will be happy to walk you through the ntact Usto arrange for access to the demo account.

Truck Broker Solutions is a convergence of two friends, one has spent a long time trucking industry the other in Information Technology. The one had a problem. He was using out of date software to run his truck brokerage business. This software was not user friendly. He wanted new software that he and others could access from anywhere – not just his own PC. After some discussions it was decided that something could be done, they spent some time together analyzing the current software to extract what it did will as well as create new features to enhance the current process. Several iterations later the software was up and running. Within several months the software was refined to the point is was performing much better than the old software and the switch was made.

The new software was now the only tool being used for the brokerage business. During this process, even more enhancements were identified. The main one being the ability to send data to the Quick Books Online applications, making things even more automated for the business.

As the brokerage business began to expand due to the ability to easily track orders and create invoices, the first friend said to the other, This software has been great for my small business, I bet it could help out others as well. Thus the idea of providing the software to others was born. We hope you find it as useful as we have.