SEP and Pre-enrollment Verification Guide (PDF)

Verification Documentation Cover Letter (PDF)

Qualified Health Plan Enrollment and Termination

Guidelines related to the information and services the Broker Team can and cannot provide to brokers. This policy contains information on the preferred method of contacting the Broker Service Line for a number of scenarios, or who to contact if the team is unable to assist.

Brokers and administrative assistants can call (local) or [dial 1] to be connected with a representative on the Broker Service Line.

To verify broker certification MNsure will request broker first name, last name and national producer number (NPN) at the beginning of the call.

For brokers who are not certified, calls will not be accepted. For questions relating to certification, recertification and training, .

For assistance with consumer accounts, the broker must provide three PII for the consumer to the MNsure Broker Service Line representative. Broker should have PII readily available when calling.

Certified brokers and administrative assistants may also submit inquiries to or usethe inquiry formon Broker One Stop.

Emails containing personally identifiable information (PII) must be sent through a secure encrypted email.

If your organization doesnt have a secure encrypted email server, send a regular email to and in the subject line, type request secure email.

The Broker Service Line will respond with a secure email that will redirect to a secure site.

Broker should follow the link to the secure site to set up an account.

Secure emails that contain PII may then be sent from that account secure and encrypted to MNsure.

Emailed inquiries will be responded to within two business days, however when possible we strive for sooner.

Brokers will only be able to respond to emails from the Broker Service Line through this site.

Brokers are unable to initiate emails through the secure site.

Secure emails can be used more than once, so a request isnt required for each secure email. See instructions on how to request a secure email in MNsuresSecure Email Policy.

Guidelines for Working with the Broker Service Line

Broker Team cannot speak to the consumer except when completing a manual tool (i.e. enrollment/LEC).

Consumers should not be provided the Broker Service Line phone number to call without their agent present.

If you are calling about a situation where your consumer must be present on the line, please have them available at the start of the call. In order to help lessen hold times, the Broker Team is unable to wait for consumer to be conferenced in after the call has begun.

Calling the Broker Service Line on speakerphone is permitted however, there are situations where the representative may ask to be removed from speakerphone. Examples include but are not limited to, issues with the quality of the sound or handing over the call to the consumer or another agent in the office.

Due to staffing limitations, Broker Service Line staff may not be able to assist with more than three inquiries per call. Case Status Request Form should be used for more than three inquiries.

Broker Service Line staff cannot speak to brokers who are not certified with MNsure or who have not completed training.

Non-secure emails will not be accepted when containing consumer PII.

Procedures for requesting assistance from the Broker Service Line on the topics below.

Questions relating to the following scenariosmustbe sent by secure email:

AOR status and to report discrepancies – AORs must be submitted online or an association through the Assister Portal and consumers enrollment must be sent to the carrier in order to process an AOR

Life event status requests only – life events cannot be reported through email

Certification and Recertification status and questions

Specific topics the Broker Team is unable to assist with:

Calls from navigators or certified application counselors (CACs)

Appeals or Resolution Review status inquiries or questions – these questions must be directed to the appeals representative or entity. Contact information can be located on the appeals notice that is mailed to the consumer.

Information that the Broker Service Line is unable to disclose to brokers:

Information on personal cases including personal password resets for family/co-workers if the assister is not the agent of record. Brokers should contact the MNsure Contact Center regarding their own MNsure application

Historical data on a consumers public program eligibility when a case is not active

Information related to MinnesotaCare premiums

Information about county and/or DHS procedures

Cannot compare or explain the differences between qualified health plans

: for the purposes of this policy, refers to brokers, navigators and CACs.

: a group of call center representatives dedicated to supporting the functions of certified brokers, agents and agency support staff.

: household with eligibility in more than one program.

: Any information about an individual maintained by an agency, including 1) any information that can used to distinguish or trace an individuals identity, such as name, Social Security number, date and place of birth, mothers maiden name, or biometric records; and 2) any other information that is linked or linkable to an individual, such as medical, educational, financial and employment information.