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Contact brokers of intereston your time, on your terms. Use our recommended questions to assess the fit. Build relationships with top candidates who can deliver exceptional benefits programs for your company.

In recent years, the market for brokerage services has changed dramatically.

Our online RFP allows employers easily and accurately assess your candidates capabilities, and resources. Built with input from both employers and brokers, our online tool will help you run productive and insightful finalist meetings and can be the cornerstone of making an exceptional hire.

Any company or public entity that currently uses an RFPto support their broker hire can use our platform to quickly and easily distribute and score their RFP online. We recommend our template to attract the most candidates, however the tool is completely customizable.

Any company, large or small, that wants to run an exceptional hiring processshould use our simple, customizable RFP questionnaire to support their candidate interviews, assessments and hiring process.

Our RFP starts with a candidate instruction template that enables you to easily communicate everything brokers need to know about the hiring process, deadlines, what you are looking for and why you are shopping for a broker. Additionally, our RFP offers:

Recommended RFP topics and questions created by employers and brokers

Collaborate with your team to create RFP questions and review replies

Review and score candidate replies side by side

Update your candidate scores after finalist interviews are held

Many top-tier employee benefits brokers historically do not reply to RFPs a dynamic we are changing with SHRM Broker Finder. By understanding why top brokers get frustrated with RFPs, we ensure employers avoid common mistakes and run an RFP process that attracts top candidates, and facilitates an exceptional broker hire.

To learn more, read our post,5 Reasons Broker RFPs Fail

The right executive benefits can help you attract and retain top executive talent. You need a specialist in this area to maximize the potential.

Programs abound to help your employees stay or get healthy, and live their best lives. In turn, your company maximizes its results. Win- win at its finest.

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