The Stocks & Futures program is a 12 month Classroom training program that mentors you to become an expert in all styles of trading

Learning is hands-on, supported with right technology in live markets. Dedicated trading computer is provided to participants to enable learning and live trading experience under professional guidance.Know More

Online Smart Trader is an exhaustive, all Asset Class Program delivered online. Participants learn to trade in:

Online Live trading rooms with professional traders conducting real trade discussions are provided for one year. The program is supported with exhaustive study notes, guides and practical exercises to enable a 360 degree learning experience.Know More

Options allow a trader to have a trading strategy for all market conditions; bullish, bearish, and sideways. Option is a leverage tool used by professional traders to greatly multiply the power of their capital. Options strategies can be employed to generate cash flow and can also be used for hedging- an activity with limited risk and unlimited rewards. Our Options program is designed and delivered by professionals with a vast experience in the field of derivatives trading.Know More

Trading Psychology is a one day classroom based workshop designed for traders. Trading Psychology refers to the mental and emotional aspects that will dictate a traders decision and is an important factor in determining his success or failure as a trader. Emotions like greed, fear and remorse play important roles in the trading process.

A sound psychological state in trading & investing is desired if ones aim is to become a professional trader. The program helps traders improve their trading results, develop decision making skills and develop focus.Know More

Business is based on a comprehensive written Business Plans. Trading is also a business, part time for some, full time for others.

The program trains traders on building effective and goal oriented Trade Plan.Know More

A Direct Access Platform is the key to a traders success. A trading platform provides information such as charts, quotes, order execution, news and other tools which a trader uses for decision making. Trading platform should have tools such as scanning, strategy selection, designing and back testing which can be automated for planning and execution.

The program involves in-depth training on using our state-of-the-art trading platform for effective execution of trades.Know More

The Smart Trader is practical learning program for traders wanting to learn professional trading.The delivery of program is excellent both online and classroom.Exhaustive resources are also made available . Live Trading Labs is fantastic.

The Smart Trader Program is different. Every concept is drilled into us, supported by multiple real-time examples. The course material makes it clear that it was designed with a lot of thought. The pace is just right. Secondly, it is supported by a very powerful and intuitive trading platform. FinLearn Academys Trading platform has the necessary analytical tools to assist one decide when and where to trade. This is the course I wish I had taken when I first began trading.

Was a fresher in equity markets when I registered for Smart Trader program. The content from session one was great ,kept gaining confidence after each session that I can trade professionally. The resources provided are very usefull.

SmartTrader program enables new traders to learn the nuances of trading at their own pace with a hands-on approach and access to feature rich software. A unique program under the guidance of Hitesh that I definitely recommend to everyone interested in getting into serious trading!