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How to Explode Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Now!

One of the greatest areas for improving ones own success in commercial real estate brokerage oftentimes lies in prospecting. Most everyone agrees on this, but why is it that so many veteran agents do far less prospecting than they feel they should be? While an agent may oftentimes prospect until they get busy working on transactions, dropping-out or substantially reducing ones prospecting after becoming busy is an extremely costly mistake.

This presentation teaches the best ways for agents to get their prospecting on an auto pilot system that enables them to generate great leads while theyre already busy working on transactions. In addition, the agents will learn better scripting to utilize during their prospecting calls, including scripting for what to say to the receptionist, what to say to the decision maker, and how to leave powerful voicemail messages that will compel more decision makers to call back.

And finally, the participants will learn how to design the system of prospecting thats best for them personally, and theyll design the plan they will immediately take action on in their own business.

How to Become the Listing King in Your Territory

In any given territory, normally the agents who are the most successful at obtaining listings are the ones who continually make the most amount of money. But what is it that has these agents continually outperform their competitors in this arena?

In this presentation well look at the specific components of what top listing agents do that has them continually be so successful. Well go into detail and investigate how they create the ideal image of themselves in the marketplace that has people say, Yes to them and move forward and list their properties with them. Well also look at how these agents identify their listing prospects as early as possible, so theyll be the first agent to begin building the relationship that will ultimately lead to successfully landing the listing. In addition, well look at the sequential steps that a top listing professional takes to ensure that theyre building the prospects desire to list with them at every moment until the listing agreement is signed.

All participants attending this seminar will leave with a written game plan pinpointing the areas in their business they need to work on to take their own listing success to the next level.

Commercial real estate brokerage is a business where brokers rarely do much strategic marketing for themselves. At most theyll prospect for new business, but there are so many additional opportunities that theyre constantly missing out on everyday.

This presentation shows how brokers can utilize marketing, market positioning strategies, copy writing, mailing, video, newsletters, teleseminars, E-mail marketing, and power socializing to position themselves as the best choice their clients and prospects could ever make in a commercial real estate broker.

How you negotiate as a commercial broker says a lot about you to the people youre doing business with. In addition, when youre a commercial broker, you are oftentimes dealing with people who are trying to get everything they can out of the person theyre negotiating against, including you when it comes to negotiating your commission. Keeping this in mind, during this presentation youll learn how to better assess the people youre negotiating with, so that you understand them and know what motivates them. In addition, youll learn how to structure and direct your negotiations much better, so that youre more successful at closing your transactions a higher percentage of the time; and youll learn how to stand firm for your commission, and speak confidently whenever youre backing it up, so that youll walk away getting paid what you know youre worth much more frequently.

Mastering Time Management for Commercial Brokers

So many commercial brokers feel overwhelmed by all of the activities that they need to get done every single day. The busier you get as a commercial broker, the more overwhelmed you can begin to feel, because so much more needs to be done on every transaction that youre working on. With this in mind, during this presentation youll learn how to master your time management skills more effectively, youll learn how to schedule and prioritize your activities so youre getting more done, and finally, youll learn the one key activity to making all of this happen, that will have you bust through your feelings of overwhelm, and get you to achieve much higher levels of income and productivity.

How to Overcome Your Clients Toughest Objections

An agents success at overcoming their clients objections will determine how successful the agent will ultimately become in our industry. On the other hand, the mediocre agents who never learn how to overcome objections will stagnate in their production once theyve achieved a given level of success.

The key here is for agents to learn how to overcome objections in a manner that has their clients feel that the objection has been completely removed, and this definitely takes skill. But once this is accomplished, the client will completely reconnect with their desire to move forward once again.

In this presentation, agents will learn how to successfully overcome the objections that their clients are throwing at them, theyll learn how to recognize when an objection is so severe that it cannot be overcome, and theyll learn how to successfully overcome any new objections their clients will be throwing at them in the future.

There are agents who simply make presentations to their clients and prospects, and then there are agents who are masters of persuasion when making their presentations instead. This seminar investigates and identifies the key differences between those agents who simply present information to their people, as compared with those agents who persuade their clients and prospects at the deepest unconscious levels. Agents will learn the keys to persuading their clients and prospects from the initial meeting all the way though the transactions closing, and theyll learn how to build and maintain solid, effective long-term relationships with these people.

How to Design and Work a Powerful System of Real Estate Brokerage

When one looks at the most successful businesses in America, one typically finds tried and true systems for success already in place within these businesses. Statistics show us that over any 10-year period, 90% of all businesses will fail, but 95% of all franchised businesses will still be thriving successfully. This is because franchised businesses have tried and true systems in place that virtually guarantee their success, as long as the owners are following these systems.

However, in commercial real estate brokerage, many agents have no systems in place at all, and theyre doing business completely by the seat of their pants. With this being true, its normal to expect these agents production to vary from year-to-year, and oftentimes theyll hit a peak level of success that they just cant seem to move beyond.

This presentation focuses on identifying your ideal components for putting together a great system of real estate brokerage, and having the agents design their own blueprint system for commercial real estate success. As long as the agents then stay on course in working the system, theyll both maximize their income and theyll produce solid results much more easily.

The 9 Important Components of Your Ideal Brokerage System

In my 35 years as an agent, manager, and trainer of commercial agents, Ive found that there are 9 areas that come together that will have an agent perform his or her best. These 9 areas are prospecting, marketing, scheduling appointments, getting exclusive listings, closing transactions, having great people skills, building relationships, getting referrals, and pursuing ones own continuing education and training.

While all 9 of these components are continually interacting with each other, some of them are activities that an agent does, while others are milestones that validate ones own success along the way. And along with these 9 components, the most important element that any agent can bring to the table is their incredible passion and love for the real estate business, along with their unyielding drive to be hugely successful at it. This is the engine that completely drives an agents success in our industry.

In this presentation well have the agents look at how their own business measures up in these 9 areas, in addition to how their own unyielding drive to become hugely successful in commercial real estate measures up, too. During this presentation agents will typically find areas in their own business that are deficient within these 9 components, which then serves as great feedback for where immediate action must be taken to improve their own business. And for those agents who may not have that ideal passion to become even more successful in commercial real estate at the moment, theyll learn more effective ways to constantly keep their passion at a very high level.

How to Make Powerful Commercial Real Estate Presentations

Once youve identified a prospect, its your presentation skills that will then either have them successfully become your client, or have them want to work with one of your competitors instead of you. During this presentation agents will learn how to present themselves in ways that will have their prospects become their clients, and have the agents successfully land more listings, close more business, and make more money.

Powerfully Using Video In Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business

Utilizing video in your commercial real estate brokerage business will set you apart from the competition. While your competitors will be relying mainly on prospecting to develop more new business for themselves, in addition to this youll also be differentiating yourself through video. Imagine the impact of getting more face-to-face time with your people, bonding with them as if youre continually meeting with them in their office, speaking with them as the network news anchor in commercial real estate, and branding yourself within their minds constantly.

Imagine sending them monthly or quarterly video market updates, with you being the all-important network news anchor, telling them all the important trends in your marketplace. Imagine even further having five 2-4 minute videos recorded on what owners need to know before listing their property and putting it on the market, with you again being the expert, telling them all of this important information.

This will then have you standing out to your owners as the best broker in your market, and the one agent they should be listing their properties with. In addition, youll learn how easy it is to both record these videos, and begin marketing yourself by utilizing them, too!

How to Powerfully Close Your Commercial Real Estate Clients

Closing is an approach that has been greatly misunderstood within our industry. Closing can oftentimes imply doing something forceful to try to get your client to move forward within the transaction, and doing this is what oftentimes gives salespeople a bad reputation. During this presentation agents will learn what true authentic closing really means, and theyll learn how to get their clients to move forward within transactions, while the client feels that this is just naturally what they really want to do.

Totally Eliminating Your Brokerage Competition

To be the best broker in your territory, you need to be better than the competition. During this presentation, agents will learn how to master the ideal mindset to become the best broker in their territory, and theyll learn how to accurately assess what their competitors are doing, and learn how to design a method, a game plan, and an approach that will beat their competitors for the business. Brokers are constantly being compared to the competition by their clients and prospects, and once a broker accurately assesses what their competitors are doing, and then designs and implements a solid system to beat them, theyll begin standing out as the best choice their clients and prospects could ever work with, and theyll begin closing a ton of additional new business, too!

Jim Gillespie is Americas Premier Commercial Real Estate Coachsm. He is the founder and creator of coaching for the commercial real estate industry. In addition to doing professional speaking, he does one-on-one coaching and consulting for commercial real estate agents, commercial real estate managers, commercial real estate investors and developers, and the owners of commercial real estate brokerage companies.

Ive been a broker within our industry for more than 30 years, including spending 22 years working for CB Richard Ellis. In my opinion, Jim Gillespie is the best commercial real estate trainer in the business.