An Easy Step by Step Paint by Numbers System Proven over and over by BROKERS all over.

Announcing the First Loan Broker Training Program that guarantees that you will become a professional mortgage broker certified and licensed in your state. It requires absolutely no tests and no experience or degree are required. Visualize yourself three months from now. Youre now a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL LOAN BROKER and you work for yourself. No boss breathing down your neck and your daily schedule is totally up to you. you come and go as you please. How are you going to spend your time?

Imagine that the first week of the month you close a deal and earn $7,500 commission. You now have three weeks left in the month. What do you do? Plan to spend ore time with your family? Decide to take a three day mountain biking trip in the middle of the week? Relax on a Tuesday afternoon and watch some DVDs? Or, do you get right back in there and work hard to close at least three more deals by the end of the month because youre hungry and the PAYOFF IS SO SWEET!

Well, a recent press release from 360 Mortgage Group detailing the compensation changes said mortgage brokers generate an average revenue of 2.25 mortgagepoints on a loan. In other words, on a $300,000 mortgage, theyd make $6,750 in revenue. After subtracting costs of doing business, youd have your profit per loan.


all mortgage brokers are in the top 25% of income in the US. $80,000 / year

of all mortgage brokers are in the top 5% of income in the US. $200,000 / year

of all mortgage brokers are in the top 2% of income in the US. $300,000 / year

Has it ever occurred to you that Mortgage Brokers Make thousands of dollars from agents that bring them loans?

I dont know how soon you want to stop throwing money away clearly you want to get yoruo Brokers License in 3 months, without being tested, stressed or uncertain about your future.

THINK ABOUT IT have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I could have a Brokers License and start keeping 100% of the money I make on each and every loan?

Clearly, a person can Make More Money when you have control over the Mortgage Loan process.

Youre Confident. Youre closing a loan quickly with one of our 120+ lenders the rebate check comes in, ( 1% of the loan amount ) a $520,000 loan your HAPPY client ives you a point on the front end, too!PRESTO!!! You just made $10,400!!! ( WOW! On one loan. )

Dont just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Thank you very much for the instruction, youre an excellent teacher, the class was fun and interactive. The referral strategy alone has made me $56,429 extra JUST THIS YEAR, I didnt think I could do it.

Getting my license through this course has helped me recruit more agents and closed over $120 million in loans in ONE YEAR.

I no longer have to worry about giving half of my commission checks to my broker, thanks to this course, Im now a professional broker and I keep all the money I make. Thanks Rich.

Has it ever occurred to you that with the LICENSE you will receive from us, you can start right out of your home? Or, you can open a mortgage office of your own and hire several agents to bring you loans, and YOU get 50% of everything they bring in.

Because these simple, yet highly effective, Loan Strategist have worked for me hundreds of times and they WILL WORK FOR YOU, TOO!

You may or may not know me, but my name is Richard Weathington. I have been described by my fellow Lenders, Brokers, Teachers, Banks, Loan Officers, Marketing Companies and my HAPPY clients, as an expert on getting loans and referrals, BUT, I AM JUST AN ORDINARY PERSON.

Over the years, Ive discovered and uncovered dozens of stealth ways to literally cause a borrower to trust me and my message, with the course I teach you. BUT, it certainly wasnt always that way for me

I was not a very good loan officer when I started. I would print up hundreds of flyers, telling everyone of my low low rates call on real Estate agents in their office with ZERO call backs asking friends and family to do their loans with little success, it was TERRIBLE! For years, I lived in SECLUSION AND UNHAPPINESS because I could not find financial success in the mortgage business A COMPLETE WASHOUT WITH OTHERS.

But today, I have dozens of clients who would not think about another person to do their loan. And, I get more referrals than I can handle! Banks and lenders all want to hire me as an Executive or Sales Manager. I have closed MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars of loans, and NOW, have taught over a hundred people how to achieve enormous success. Im not saying this to brag, no. Simply put, I have discovered the secrets of creating untouchable Mortgage success, strategies and influence, and I want to SHARE TEHSE SECRETS IWTH YOU RIGHT NOW!

It could take you years and cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations of strategies that work while others fall flat on their face. Instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right techniques, you can NOW have an entire collection of hard hitting, profit-generating PHYSCHOLOGICAL DEVICES for your Mortgage / Brokerage business, ready at your beck and call ANNOUNCING ::

Close 10 or More Loans Monthly From Realtor Referrals

Utilize Social Media To Establish and Expand Your Personal Brand

Make Cold Calls To Agents That Make Them Want To Meet You

Walk Away From Each Realtor Meeting With A Referral

Find Your Personal Confidence and Achieve Your Goals

I dont know how soon you want to stop throwing money away – clearly you want to get your Brokers License in 3 months, without being tested, stressed or uncertain about your future.

Online course for the ease of learning anytime, anywhere.

A guarantee that you will reach your goal in the first year.

Flexible Learning Options   State-Specific Materials, No extra fluff! loan Broker Training Academy has been training students for excellence in the real estate industry since 1997. At our mortgage school, we train students to pass real estate licensing exams, the first time. LBTA eliminates the guess work by providing students with textbooks and materials that are focused exclusively on topics tested on their states real estate exam. By choosing LBTA, you will experience the best in realty licensing education and ongoing career assistance.

What makes our real estate school stand apart from the competition? LBTA, you get:

LBTA develops state-specific textbooks and materials for one purposeto pass a states real estate licensing exam. The LBTA textbook is designed around the LBTA Method of study. The LBTA Method is a step-by-step teaching and learning system that organizes critical information and delivers all of the skills necessary to ensure that our students pass the state exam, every time!

Our mortgage schools flexible delivery methods include correspondence, online, or instructor-led, live class training online. You can even mix and match delivery methods to suit your unique learning style!

Close 10 or More Loans Monthly From Realtor Referrals

Utilize Social Media To Establish and Expand Your Personal Brand

Make Cold Calls To Agents That Make Them Want To Meet You

Walk Away From Each Realtor Meeting With A Referral

Find Your Personal Confidence and Achieve Your Goals

*Maybe youre a real estate agent looking to make more money no problem! Just continue reading and youll instantly have access to a powerful collection of PLUG-IN mortgage devices that propel your clients to only choose you as their Broker of choice. Instantly create a SUPER-CHARGED sales pitch and heres the best part :: it sounds completely innocent. Never a numbers game again!

*Maybe youre in another profession, who craves a BETTER way of life, and the lifestyle that lets you afford to live well in the BAY AREA. DISCOVER my SECRET psychological strategies to instantly create compelling compliance.

*Maybe youre new to the industry and want to skip all of the extra learning that you really can do without in the Real Estate industry. Use these techniques if youre tired of arguing. EVERY agent shouldnt be without these INVALUABLE influencing skills.

Now, I dont know how you would picture using these skills Ill be showing you in this training academy. And, I certainly couldnt IMAGINE ALL THE POWER YOUD FEEL WHEN YOURE WALKING AROUND WITH DOZENS OF MORTGAGE STRATEGIES youll be learning, dancing around in your head that causes you to have more success with others than you can shake a stick at!

By the way now, as youre reading through the material, I invite you to notice that its simply too easy NOT TO JUST USE TEHSE TECHNIQUES IN YOUR SOCIAL INTERACTIONS. heres how one of my students is using our Mortgage marketing strategies.

Thank You very much for the instruction, youre an excellent teacher, the class was fun and interactive. The referral strategy alone has made me $56,429 extra just this year alone, I didnt think I could do it.

If you keep doing the same things over and over again youll only succeed in getting the same results. Thanks why I want to let you TRY OUT my proven MORTGAGE SYSTEM completely and totally RISK-FREE! ( Ill tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment. )

*predict your future loan closings with absolute certainty no more guess work, you will win UNPRECEDENTED amounts of wealth and success

*not only predict, but actually control future events with absolute certainty mortgage events, where rates are going, your clients wishes. you will COMMAND SUPERIOR RESPECT, exploding wealth, awesome prestige.

*render opponents or competitors in the Mortgage business IMMEDIATELY helpless. Gently beat them or mercilessly crush them if they try and take your clients from you.

*See what others will never see. Know why the average loan office / broker on his own will fail. Learn to ALWAYS have the advantage in the loan business.

*The sales questions you must ask to create confidence in your clients.. 35 ways to competition proof our business. Make your sales soar BEYOND your competitors.

*The EXACT wording you must use when you talk so that people will look forward with ANTICIPATION to your next sentence  and eyes focused when they do receive and hear it. Get attention from anyone.

*How to initiate and accelerate anyones ACTION sequence no matter what youre trying to get them to do.

*How to MAGICALLY make your prospect switch to your loan services, and argue the opposite view of the view they just had without any effort on your part.

*Unlock the real FIRE POWER that lies dormant in your present sales and persuasion activities and sit back and watch your sales soar.

*Discover the special report provent to get clients to call you first before they will call a large bank. Simply FILL-IN THE BLANKS and presto! just sit back and watch how it FORCES them to do what you say without any resistance.

*Learn the step-by-step knock out process to CAPTURING YOUR CLIENTS THOUGHTS in the loan process. With this formula youll be learning you realize Mortgage brokering doesnt get any easier than this.

*8 Easy Steps to completing a loan package, so the lenders love to do business with you too. How to process loans much faster! Plus LOTS MORE!

So you see, Ive compiled everything on the subject of loan brokering you could possibly imagine. And as you think about closing ratio and how to get client ratio think LBTA obviously, if youve read this far, Im going to assume that you want to know how these techniques work. And heres where it becomes a no-brainer!

Well realize that this 2 day boot-camp (HOW WE GET YOU A BROKERS LICENSE MARKETING MATERIALS FOR A TURN KEY BUSINESS) could sell for many times more than it is, in fact, there is a course exactly like it taught in Los Angeles California they charge in the neighborhood of $10,000 for the 2 day course (and that does not include all of the marketing materials we provide to you FOR FREE!)

You have another option if you want to find out how to get Real Estate Agents to submit loans through a marketing system, comparable to the system we will GIVE YOU FOR FREE it would cost you well over $32,000 with travel expenses, lodging, and ongoing costs to be a member of these groups.

Dont take my word for it, check out the offers for yourself : The first company is called The Loan Consultants, Inc.

The second company is in Phoenix, Arizona. They are a company called, Tolleson Mortgage Publications, Inc. 5518 N. 7th Street Suite 103 Phoenix, AZ 85014.

Youre getting thousands of dollars worth of material at your disposal but Im not going to charge you anywhere near that amount, or even my minimum project price. in fact, your total investment for the Brokers License course and all of the manuals, books, tapes, and special reports is only $3,495.

so high and LBEC is so affordable?

Well, its really quite simple. Ive seen what getting a Brokers license can do for people. Mostly, it is not fair to be clueless about these Mortgage secrets and strategies. Ive seen many people come and go in this industry, . (out of 10 people drop out within 1 year) WHY? because they dont know how to market or talk to prospects and turn them into Clients for life

everyone needs money want to argue? you will have access to over a hundred lenders throughout the country, all you do is get approved(we show you how to do that too) and you keep 100% of the money you make But lets suppose you really dont try very hard at our systems and you only do 3 loans per month in the Bay Area, most Brokers average $5,000 in commission on each loan they do, ( that is very average, if you do sub-prime its more like $7,000) for        me, I spend a total of about 4-5 hours total on each loan I do so lets do the math YOUR FIRST FEW LOANS WILL PAY FOR THIS COURSE AND HEN SOME. It just makes sense doesnt it?

We take pride in being a referral-based school

We provide our students support every step of the way

We stay in tune with the industry to ensure our courses are up-to-date and relevant

We offer courses that are convenient, flexible, and affordable

This Loan Broker Training Academy is focused on teaching Loan Officers and even Mortgage Branch Managers how to more effectively utilize the tools and resources available to them to establish and expand their personal brand online among realtors as well as help you improve your cold calling skills for better returns not to mention how to handle your face to face meetings. Example calls, voice mail messages and even contact lists of agents and more are provided. This course wants you to reach at least 10 closings a month within 6 months for non team based LOs and more if you are a team based LO. I will also provide a growing number of Q&A Videos where I will answer your specific questions 5 at a time as follow up content. You will also find example phone calls, voice messages and more in the coming weeks.

Once you have completed the course, email Richard for a certificate of completion which you can post to your website, contact Richard for FREE placement help. With many relationships at top mortgage companies offering top pay and support, he can help make sure you go somewhere worth being.

You should take this course if you are a Loan Officer that wants more agent referrals

You should take this course if you are looking to make a career in the mortgage business

You should take this course if you want to learn how to use the internet more effectively to generate leads

You should take this course if you are a branch manager looking for new ways to train your loan officers

You should take this course if you arent in the mortgage business and want to learn how to become a Broker

The Broker Builder Developing Mortgage Broker Success

Started as the Director Of Business Development for a National Private Mortgage Lender where I developed the branch from 4 to an avg of 29 units closed monthly with some months exceeding 50 units closed. Avg volume was $20 million a quarter. This was all done for one loan officer who was a producing branch manager. Then became independent business development consultant where I am hired by mortgage banks to help expand their brand and production volume through mortgage marketing, direct relationship building, broker coaching and more.

Youll need to be certified in the state where you plan to practice.

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up.

Your success using Loan Broker Education Bootcamp is completely guaranteed. In fact, heres my 100% Better-than-Risk-Free-Take-It-To-The-Bank-Guarantee ::

That means you can TAKE THE FIRST DAY AND TEST DRIVE US, if you dont like what you see and hear, we will give you an every penny of your money back.

If we dont show you what will be effective, we honestly want you to ask for your money back.

And well give you the bonuses as FREE GIFTS just for giving us a try. There is absolutely no risk, whatsover on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you attend and dont enjoy what you hear and see then Im the lose not you.

See no matter what you come out ahead. You get to test out these simple yet powerful mortgage strategies that have worked for dozens for successful (and rich) Loan Brokers with EVERYTHING TO GAIN and nothing to lose.

Remember After you finish our two-day course, you can implement the strategies and secrets youve learned, and start converting the maximum number of prospects into loans, and clients for life.

When you decide that you want to sign up for this 2-day course, please dont delay. We only have a limited number of bonuses, and they will be distributed to the early-sign-ups.

Please dont confuse my loan broker course with other Real Estate courses. this is a leading edge course not available anywhere else, that enables you to have you very own Mortgage company!



put me to the ultimate test and USE THESE SECRETS and knowing full well that if your not happy for any reason, you can get your money back, look at it this way $3,495 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the REAL MOONEY you will earn as a Broker using our strategies!!!

You Really Cant Afford not to invest in this course.

Are you curious about how we can make an INCOME GUARANTEE?

Well LBEC guarantee you will reach your mutually agreed upon goal of $______ in your first year of brokering. (not exceed $150,000 in first year.)

Have you ever signed a contract that totally assures you will be successful? And the more you learn the more Loans you will close $$$$.


That Makes Your Decision Absolutely Risk Free!

Nothing Like THIS Has EVER Been Offered In the Mortgage Industry.

Believe me, Ive looked. Ive answered ads, read books, trekked to trade shows, visited with supplies, and networked with peers. Some have pieces of the puzzle, but nobody has put it all together. So at the risk of sounding braggadocio, Im telling you that my Systems solidly based on true, actual, very successful experience, and incorporating not just what I know, but input from top marketing experts is far more valuable than any business-building resource you could lay your hands on anywhere, at any price, in any type of mortgage business.

THROW THIS OUT and forget all about it. Accept your business as it is, your skill at mortgage marketing unchanged.

THINK IT OVER, i.e. procrastinate. Set it aside, to be covered up in a pile of papers. Get busy with your routine. Your business stays as-is, your mortgage marketing skills unchanged.

BE TOO BUSY TO INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS, like the hamster in the big wheel in the cage attempting to make things better by running faster. Dont be the dumb farmer who works like a dog from dawn to dusk harvesting hay he stores in a barn with a leaky roof hes too busy to repair, so the nights rain ruins the days work. Unless you invest time sharpening your skills, things stay as-is.

BE TOO SMART TO INVEST. Arrogance is the precursor to business reversals. Your retail marketing skills stay as-is.


Click here to sign up and put a $200. deposit down for the next class to success!

Close 10 or More Loans Monthly From Realtor Referrals

Utilize Social Media To Establish and Expand Your Personal Brand

Make Cold Calls To Agents That Make Them Want To Meet You

Walk Away From Each Realtor Meeting With A Referral

Find Your Personal Confidence and Achieve Your Goals

I dont know how soon you want to stop throwing money away – clearly you want to get your Brokers License in 3 months, without being tested, stressed or uncertain about your future.

If we didnt answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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