Create your own brand and just use the part of service you need.We as a solution provider will stay anonymously in the backend, so that none of your clients will ever take notice. Our automated working Commission and Copy Trading Systems will guarantee you a minimum of work and effort but big benefits for you and your company.

Registration, Verification, Support. Small clients producing high costs and bind important ressources. Social Trading is as an easy way to outsource exhausting processes.

Special solutions und conditions like spreads, commissions and VIP Support are hard to contract with brokers. We can support you and will overwatch the implementation.

You have a high number of clients and no own Ticket System or Help Center. We can support you with multi lingual solutions customized to fit you customer needs.

We build you the perfect running affiliate system on a broker platform with an easy management CRM multidevice platform for you and your affiliate partners.

We provide everything from the payment interface, KYC and Money Laundry Law, Commission, Affiliate and Level Systems, up to the certified and reviewed traders on the platform.

We will perform and create a model which will be specially set up and customized for your demands and needs. We could create as many individual products, perfectly fitting your requirements and expectations.

We will protect your data and the data of your clients by the highest standards of technology today for maximum Secrecy.

Enhance your portfolio for small amount investment clients. Wie create a MAM Solution for you, creating a process to gain clients, value and activity without loosing trust, speed, profitably or control.

Ensure your clients a flexible and fast way to manage their assets.
Our PAM and MAM Solutions will let you gain Profit by less efforts.
We ensure to support you with all legal requirements and laws regarding financial handling of assets and investments.

The highest value is trust. We create a Business Partner and Client Relationship that should last for decades. High transparency and professionality will comfort you the trust the value we will bring into your business.

We ensure to support you with all legal requirements and laws regarding international financial activities of assets and investment management.

Give your clients the possibility to see what is happening Live Access and true visibility.

Broker Technology Solutions was founded as a service provider in the field of Broker & Trader Services.We offer a range of individual services for Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager, Network & Affiliate Manager, Trust Companies or Family Offices with experience over 25 Years.

Our team worked in leading positions in the field of financial Services. You will communicate with experienced persons with a deep understanding for your business.

Lets create the perfect product for you and your business. One Meeting or workshop will lead us to a vision and to new values for your company.

We create Solutions on high standards for your business that will fit perfectly in your processes and into your business and product portfolio.