Do banks keep sending paper work back with minor errors that absorb your time?

Would you love to hire someone but its quicker to do it yourself?

You hear of others doing $1million a year but you have no idea how you could pedal faster?

You are not the only one. The life of a mortgage broker has great opportunity but without good strategies in place you can do endless hours and never earn a salary to reflect it.

In 2013 David was in that boat. No matter how much he worked there was always more to do, yet no matter how much he worked, each week looked just like the last. If he stopped peddling the money stopped coming in.

Then he met with a coach he had heard about. Within two weeks he was no longer working in the evenings. With in six months he was earning the same income but playing golf twice in every work week. After a year he had hired a new sales agent and after 18month he had doubled his income. Another year later and he double his business again.

There isnt a lot of mystery to how he did it. David was simply so good at being mortgage broker, he had never learned where to put his effort so that he could be an extraordinary one.