MQTT (OASIS international standard) has become the mainstream message protocol for the Internet of things(IoT). From the smart home to the digital transformation of industrial enterprises, the smart governance of cities and even the remote telemetry of space station facilities, MQTT message architecture is adopted. The MQTT broker with high reliability and high performance has become an essential infrastructure software for developing IoT applications and building IoT platforms.

Being used in 5000+ enterprises worldwide, EMQ X MQTT message platform solution is aiming to help enterprises quickly build competitive IoT applications. It provides stable and reliable device access, MQTT message processing and routing, data persistence, visual operation monitoring and other capabilities for various large-scale application scenarios such as Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicle, Internet and so on. Concurrently, it can solve problems such as high concurrency, low latency, distributed, and two-way communication.

Standard MQTT protocol stack and abundant API interface support quick integration with other systems of the enterprise without secondary development

Flexible SQL-based message routing layer RuleEngine enables enterprises to continuously carry out business innovation

Distributed flexible expansion framework, enterprises can invest construction and operation funds in stages with business development

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