*Broker Squared automates compliance through entering of data as provided by you and generating your Quote, Client Needs Analysis, Preliminary Assessment, and Credit Proposal Disclosure documentation. Our team when engaged also create meaningful File Notes within Salesforce each time an action is taken on a file. Whilst all efforts are made to ensure accuracy, Broker Squared cannot be held liable for compliance breaches due to incorrect, insufficient or documentation not checked and verified by the broker.

While all efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, please ensure you make contact with us to confirm any particulars for your specific scenario. All information contained within this website is of a general nature including calculators, statements, and claims and are not to be considered personal advice.

Our holistic process is more than simply loan processing. Working with our experienced team you can customize the process to best suit your needs.

Recommended for: Businesses looking for assistance to integrate Digital Signatures into their Preliminary Assessment, Quotes and Credit Proposal Disclosure documents whilst linking these for Online Payment

The Broker team will work with your business to custom brand and design a Digital Compliance Pack allowing your brokers and customers to digitally sign Compliance Documentation as required. Alongside this we can integrate Online Merchant facilities to allow One-off and ongoing fees to be charged, allowing for quick, easy and cost effective signing and payment by all parties.

Once established, your team will be provided with a comprehensive manual on the systems use.

Recommended for: Smaller businesses (often Sole Operators) who prefer to manage their loan from Lodgement to Settlement whilst still benefiting from outsourcing.

The Broker Loan Input Only modelallows our experienced team to take your Fact Find and supporting documents and enter them into the CRM. The team will generate your Compliance Documents (Needs Analysis, Preilminary Assessment, Credit Proposal Disclosure and Quote if requested in preparation for you to review and sign with your client. Our team will simultaneously work through Apply Online to generate a Lender Application Form as required

Recommended for: Smaller businesses seeking scalability through outsourcing without the commitment and expenditure of recruiting a Full Time Staff Member

Flexible File Processing allocates a Broker BDM to work with you to tailor a process for automation, which is built into your Salesforce CRM including Dashboards, Pipeline Management Systems, Email Templates and branded documentation and tools.

Upon request for File Management, our fully trained and experienced staff members manage your application from Input to Post-Settlement, updating you and your clients via your custom email templates, tracking all File Notes within your Salesforce along the way.

Recommended for: Businesses with experience with External File Processors seeking their own consistent points of contact for all file management

The Broker Dedicated File Processor modelallocates a Broker BDM to work with you to facilitate the expansion of your outsourced team. From automation of process through to recruitment of staff and ongoing development this model allows sustained growth and scalability at any level

Your staff are solely dedicated to your business and are not involved in any other business activities allowing complete readiness and prompt service as you require, whilst still leveraging our office talent pool.

Recommended for: All businesses using the Salesforce – Poduim, combination to process your LoanApplications.

Utilizing the Salesforce Process Flow tool, we automate the flow of tasks for various application types (Refinance, Purchase, Variation & Construction). This is tailor-made to suit your process based on the information gathered during your Process Mapping Session and allows complete autonomy of communication timelines and status updates, for you and your customer.

Increase accuracy with ease of update as information becomes available, such as Current Status, Settlement Date, Application Reference and Milestone Dates.

Through automation of Process Flow, the Credit Guide and Privacy Statement are automatically provided to your Applicant, recorded instantly and maintains the applicant file. For auditing purposes, this helps provide a clear timeline of events within an application.

Personalised Email Templates built within Salesforce allow fast clear communication with clients and include updates, information and estimated time frames, preventing inbound client calls inquiring on lender service times. These emails are tailored as part of your Broker Squared Alignment to carry the theme and language of your business and brand.