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Welcome to Broker Hub web-based system for brokers. We call it Hub for a reason the days of using different providers for different solutions are over as we bring you the system that incorporates everything necessary for brokers to conduct their day-to-day operations.

The main features include Client Portal (My Account Area), CRM, Analysis and Reporting tool, Payment Processing tool, Live Chat System, System for processing client applications and many more.

Sounds complicated? We have covered that as well easy-to-use GUI can be customised to fit the needs of each individual business, no unnecessary information, no extra buttons, no unused functionality everything you see is everything you need.

We believe that in order for you to be successful in your brokerage business and to have an edge over your competitors you need the best software solutions as well as a team of people that would provide support for those solutions.

Whilst partnering with Broker Hub you will be assisted by our award-winning technical support team who are there to answer all of your questions and make sure your experience with Broker Hub is as rewarding as possible. The support we offer via telephone, email and live chat is available 24/7.

Furthermore, our vision is to continuously search for ways to add value for our clients and make certain we never lose sight of our company values and core vision. Our focused senior management team is committed to ensuring our high standards are maintained, our regulation is strict and full support is provided with passion and energy.

Our products are constantly improved and new updates are being released to not only meet but also exceed the industry standards.

Broker Hub is unique, pioneering web-based system for brokers with a fully customisable GUI that will be tailored specifically to your needs.

Our online application system can be fully integrated into your website to provide clients with a seamless and secure Live and Demo application process, and provide you with an automated solution for capturing and storing client information.

The Broker Hub Reporting Engine has been developed using a cutting-edge technology keeping in mind that each client have their own reporting requirements. It provides our clients with a wide range of reports as well as ability to design their own templates that fit their individual needs.

Constantly keeping up with the latest and most competitive payment gateways can be a time consuming task. At Broker Hub we partner with the leading payment solution providers and payment gateways enabling your clients to transfer funds securely to their trading accounts from anywhere in the world.

Broker Hub reporting engine also takes care of rebate and commission payments and generates clear, well-structured reports, saving your finance team hours of unnecessary calculations.

Offer our system off to trading partners as your own and benefit from the boost the above features can give to your services, and your reputation. Whilst you are taking advantage of the partnership program with Broker Hub we will take care of the back-end and technical solutions for you, leaving you free to manage, assist and interact with your customers.

The first impression is important, let us help you make a good first impression. Broker Hubs application form generator lets you build your own Live and Demo Online application forms, whether you prefer simplistic, minimalist or modern your online applications forms will look elegant and leave an excellent first impression. Forms will have a risk scoring matrix integrated in them allowing your compliance department to obtain a client risk score for each new application. The forms we provide are as good as they get.

Broker Hub Client Portal is a private, secure Website space for your clients. It enhances customer relationships by providing complete 24/7 access to up-to-date information. It enables your clients to efficiently manage their trading accounts. Clients can fund their accounts, upload documents, request trading reports and much more.

IB Back Office system works similary to Client Portal but is designed specifically for Introducing Brokers. The system lets IBs to view their clients performance, display deposits/withdrawals, trading history and activity, as well as added functionality to create customised reports.

We provide fully automated live and demo account opening, through our optimised and responsive online application forms.

Compliance Back Office System is integrated in CRM that enables Compliance Department to efficiently review and process customer applications. The system utilises a queue system which makes the workflow extremely efficient. The system is designed to ensure every business using it is compliant with FCAs KYC & AML requirements.

Finance Back office system allows your finance department to have all your customer deposits and withdrawals in one place. With it the bookkeeping process becomes simple and accounting more efficient.

The Broker Hub Reporting Engine has been developed using a cutting-edge technology. It provides our clients with a wide range of reports for their clients as well as front, middle and back office teams. Building new report from a scratch is also not a problem as the engine allows you to design customised templates that fit your individual needs.

Making a deposit has never been easier. Your clients can now fund their accounts from their client portal by simply providing the amount. System uses client information from CRM database to complete the payment. This way we efficiently eliminate unknown funds being deposited in your bank accounts which helps to comply with FCA CASS rules.

We are constantly working with major platform providers to have their products integrated with Broker Hub. It is already fully compatible with major trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 & 5, c-Trader and CIX Trader. Clients using their own proprietary trading system will receive full support from our award winning technical team to integrate the Broker Hub.

Everything Broker Hub offers can be white-labelled starting from automated live and demo account opening forms, to the end user interface. Not only you can market our product as yours, you can customise it visually to match your companies theme.

Due to most popular Mailing system being MS Outlook, we have developed an add-on that enables you to connect the CRM to MS Outlook and manage your client emails more efficiently. The add-on will pull the data from the CRM and display the client information inside MS Outlook.

Renowned for our customer service and technical support our reputation for always delivering an unrivalled experience is something we are extremely proud of. All of our engineers are trained to 3rd line standards meaning technical enquiries are dealt with effectively and efficiently by knowledgeable staff.

Dont hesitate to contact our staff whether you have a simple question or a technical query as we are available for you 24/7.

Depending on the needs of your business, Broker Hub offer you various benefits so you customise your own package.

The desktop application is always the preferred option for back-office users, all our solutions come with a desktop version.

The WEB APP is designed with cross-browser compatibility to support full functionality of Broker Hub without the need to run any installations on your machine.

Like to get things done while on the move? Say hello to Our Mobile App. It will provide you with seamless experience on your handheld device while maintaining excellent viewability.

The easy shift and lift of Dockers containers keep our systems up to date, so you always using the latest release.

You are always in control, using your AWS account to host our solutions your data stays with you all the time.

We attack our systems before anyone does to make sure we are prepared for all kind of security risks.