Monster Broker Live with Coach Burt in Hershey, PA

Watch as Coach Burt breaks down the three most important roles for the Broker/Owner of any real estate company

How do you RECRUIT AND ATTRACT better talent

How do you COACH AND DEVELOP that talent

How to RETAIN AND INSULATE that talent

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The Micheal Burt School of Speaking, Coaching, and Writing

Monster Young Professional This Aint No Practice Life

Monster Growth Academy Online Individual Access Lifetime Investment

COACHING with Americas Coach: Become a LEGENDARY Creature through Monster Producer

I believe a good coach can change your life and that those who have a coach earn 3-4x more than those who dont. You need to have an affinity with the person coaching you.

I also believe a Monster Producer, our biggest coaching structure, is a LEGENDARY CREATURE that combines multiple skill sets to dominate a market.

I believe in being intense and positive. I design coaching structures for you to learn, grow, and connect with a dynamic group of other like minded achievers. I also add a RHYTHM and STRUCTURE to your week with Monday accountability sessions, Tuesday and Thursday coaching rhythms, and daily interactions in the private Facebook group.

Living With A Monster [Video] Episode 2

Living With A Monster [Video] Episode 1

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