n. 1.()() 2.()[] 3. a street [curbstone] broker

n. 1. 2. 3.the customs pl. 4. as his custom then was social customs have plenty of custom () have sb.s custom present [give] ones custom to … adj. ()

We keep firmly relationship with cross border

especially capable in handling cross border cargo . we will be powerful enough to give anybody assistance

Besides , we have also developed close relationship with shipping companies ,

and state foreign currency administration bureau to help facilitate exporting and meet the jit delivery requirement for overseas customers


Popular places to play hooky ( cut class ) include training centres for the cet ( college english test ) , computer skills test , legal profession , registered accountant exam ,

or civil service exam , and the humble driver s licence test


, a comprehensive service menu is open to all shippers and co – loaders all over the world and our professional and friendly staff members welcome any questions from you and will be more than happy to discuss with you to find the best solutions

100 %

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