charting software used world over from novice to professional traders.useful for Day /Positional Traders or to run scanners tospot multi-baggers quite early.With this software, youcan trade better any market viz. Equity, Futures & Options, Commodities,, etc. It runs very fast and handles multiple Databases very efficiently. This software is available at acost compared to its peers where monthly / yearly charges are payable

AmibrokerUser Manualhas over 1200 pages.Forbusy and impatient traders, it would be practically quite difficult to go through this User Manual.Perhaps it might take months to learn the software usage fully.Without proper understanding of this software, onecan notuse the software fully with all the important features for a better trading. Best part ofAmibroker has its scanningcapabilities and if one does not use this feature, it is of no use!

We provide professional training to useAmibrokerSoftware. We teach you how to handle EOD or IEOD orReal Time Data.We also provide you theBest Trading System for Intraday Trading & positional Swing Trading.The training also focuses onTrend Analysisusing Amibroker charts with special emphasis as to how to filter bad signals by rightly identifying the market direction. Upon completion of my professional training, you can trade Equity or F&O or Commodities or Currency Markets for Day Trading or Positional Trading successfully. You do not need any tips or advise from anybody to trade and can even be in a position to offer advice to your friends or to your well-wishers.

My Trading Strategyisunique in nature andyou can confidently trade any market.The Trading System will plot high probability Support / Resistance Levels( Upsideor Downside Targets ) which is generally followed by market makers.

Our Scanners/ Explorers run not only in EOD / IEOD data butalso in real time data too.Soyou can spot good trading opportunities as and when they occur, so you can enter a trade at the very beginning.

We provide you high quality personalized one-to-one training either in person or online at a time convenient to you at a very affordable fee.