This is . It hosts a publicly availableMosquittoMQTT server/broker. MQTT is a very lightweight protocol that uses a publish/subscribe model. This makes it suitable for machine to machine messaging such as with low power sensors or mobile devices.

For more information on MQTT, see the MosquittoMQTT man page.

The encrypted ports support TLS v1.2, v1.1 or v1.0 with x509 certificates and require client support to connect. In all cases you should use the certificate authority file ( (PEM format), (DER format)) to verify the server connection. Port 8884 requires clients to provide a certificate to authenticate their connection. It is now possible togenerate your own certificate.

You are free to use it for any application, but please do not abuse or rely upon it for anything of importance. You should also build your client to cope with the broker restarting.

Please dont publish anything sensitive, anybody could be listening.

This server is provided as a service for the community to do testing, but it is also extremely useful for testing the server. This means that it will often be running unreleased or experimental code and may not be as stable as you might hope. It may also be slow – the broker often runs undervalgrindorperf. Finally, not all of the features may be available all of the time, depending on what testing is being done. In particular, websockets and TLS support are the most likely to be unavailable.

In general you can expect the server to be up and to be stable though.

If you do publish things to this server on a regular basis, please get in touch to satisfy my curiosity – there are lots of topics that look interesting but I know nothing about. Imralon thefreenode mqtt irc channel, or see the mosquitto source for contact details..

The server consumes over 700GB bandwidth per month. At AWS prices, that would cost over $70 per month. We dont pay that much, but it does cost money to provide this service. Please consider donating.