Forex Trading is something that has always intrigued me. I wanted to know what it is, why some people love it and others are scared. But I also wanted to know why only the richest people use it.

Terry Christopher of IML, iMarketsLive, is one of those people that make a living from Forex Trading. He and his wife Isis de la Torre, both live from Forex Trading, decided to break the taboo of Forex Trading on Wall Street and bring it to (what they call) Main Street.

They created an Academy, IML Academy, in which they and their team explain the whole Forex World. In easy to follow, step by step videos, with short duration you can learn a lot about the beginning of money to the art of making money.

There are 11 courses. Each course has different lessons about different topics.

The basic courses are all videos with the voice of Adeaze Duncan. A former biology teacher who saw that teaching

Forex Trading could bring her more satisfaction, money, and much more students.

In the table below you will find the basic courses and some topics Adeaze addresses.

What is Forex? What is its history? Who are the market participants?

Terms used like: pip, lot, candlesticks, support & resistance

Trading windows, orders, types of analysis, stop loss,trading plan

The rest of the courses are thought by Christopher Terry (the CEO ofIML, iMarketsLive) and some other team members.

In the next table, you will find the rest of the courses.

Twin trading,tradingview, price reversal zone, confirmation checklist

broker, charts, trends, price bars, margin, leverage

patterns, moving average, bollinger bands, eliot waves

different patterns like bat, shark & butterfly

I have learned a lot. I hope you willjoinand learn and earn with us.

Hi. To make a trade you need a couple of things.

First, you need a broker. It is like an account where you put your money you want to trade with. Your losses and wins will all happen on your broker accounts.

Second, you need to know which pair you want to trade and how.

How much do you know about trading? IML Academy will give you a pretty good idea what to do when.

Is there something else I can do for you? Just let me know.

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I have more websites, trying different themes and topics. Now I work more on this one

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