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Realty Times – Announce Your Designation FREE.

New Home Source Professional – Free subscription to new homes inventory

eCommission – Cash Flow Solutions and NHCB discount

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Affordable New Home Online Sales Training and Education For Real Estate Agents

Start Making Real Commissions, Easier Sales, With Less Stress.

1. Why not being paid if you dont registeryour home shopper on thefirst visit is a myth.

2. Why learning construction is a waste of time and way too far from the money.

3. Why fixed price is your best tool to sell both new homes and used ones.

4. Why internet advisors should become your new best friend. (We know. You have never heard of one).

5. Why onsite sales consultants welcome you as their partner.

6. Why preconstruction buyers are your best listing prospects.

In other words, this course is about YOU, not the builder or the builders homes.

Life Changing. More than 35 of my agents completed this course. I recommend it to all of my agents.

All agents at all experience levels should take this course. I strongly recommendHow To Build A New Homes Nicheto all of our agents in our seven offices. They love it!

For eight years I sold resales only. After my first year of taking this course, I sold seven new homes, two of them preconstruction. Plus I got two listings from the buyers!

This course is a fast-passed one aha moment after another. All of my agents are required to take this course.

I am sooooo excited. Thank you so much for making this course easy and understandable. I am telling all of my colleagues to take your course. I am all in!

Every licensed real estate agent should be required to take the online course, How To Build A New Homes Niche. The course addressed every concern and wrong assumption I had.

Know how to add new homes to your resale showing schedule.

Know how to focus on saleable not just available inventory.

Know how to qualify resale buyers for new homes and vice versa.

Know how to be paid for pre-registered prospects and those who have already visited a model center.

Know how to introduce new homes to renovation-resistant resale shoppers.

Know how to find the right new homes inventory on-demand, and have new home showing appointments set for you.

Know how to show new homes with complete confidence.

Know when and how incentives are discussed to establish urgency.

Know how to help your prospects have complete confidence in price, and make resale offers with more confidence.

Know why builders use preferred lenders and why they must use their contracts.

Know why pre-construction sales are so easy to make and lead to listings.

Know what to say when prospects suggest they can save money by shopping for new homes without you.

Know why you dont need to learn construction.

Know that builders provide transaction management

Know how to work with the builders internet advisor/concierge.

Know how to become excited and not defensive when your prospects want to see new homes.

Know why builders are reaching out to REALTORS®.

Know how to find new home prospects and what to say when you get one.

Know why the new home is considered to be the easiest sell in real estate.

Know where to turn (back to this course) if you need a refresher.

You will see the compelling results of a national home builder market study that explains why home builders are aggressively targeting renovation-resistant buyers, and how you can leverage this to sell more homes, both new and resale.

The most common response we get to this section is Why were we not taught this before?  Youll learn just how important it is for resale shoppers to understand the money and how showing new homes makes that possible.

If you are not using the builders new homes Internet Advisor you are working way too hard, and losing sales. We teach you how to take advantage of this service.

We will show you the right way and the wrong way to sell new homes. The wrong way is sometimes humorous, but costly. Then we take you step-by-step through the right way, from the perspective of the buyer, the onsite agent and you, the general agent.

Where do you even start? We explain how to develop a preferred builder network. We recommend showing a new home as the first step in the selling process. We share case studies that prove it works.

Its easier than you think. We show you how to get the word out in your market that you are now a Certified New Home Co-Broker, so home shoppers see you as the go to agent to find them the right home. That is your job after all, isnt it?

As a certified New Home Co-Broker, you are expected to become a trusted adviser to new home shoppers. You make your living with the words you speak. Knowing what to say when they ask about incentives, mortgage financing, the preferred lender, the location, and other topics can be the difference between thousands in commissions and we decided to wait.

Youll take the course online from any mobile device via our Learning Management System.

Complete the course at your own pace. If you log out, you can pick it up again next time where you left off.

The course consists of 130 slides and videos. You are free to move within sections and between sections as you wish.

Content is based on demographic data, case studies, and David Fletchers 30+ years as the listing broker of record for more than 70 new home communities.

If you have any questions or have any technical difficulties, were here to help. We will respond to your requests within 24 hours, and in most cases within an hour or two. Weekdays 8 am – 6 pm est.

We will refund 100% of your purchase, for any reason within 30 days of purchase, if requested before you take the final exam. So, theres really no risk for you to try it today and join the growing community of REALTORS who are embracing new homes.

Hasten Slowly eBook – Capture New Home Prospects. Offer

Hasten Slowly eBook – Capture New Home Prospects. Offer

* Many offer internet advisor services to help you find the right home and register your prospect online

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