real estate agents, owners, and mortgage brokers.

Create a sustainable business with reliable income.

Our coaches help our clients leverage the simplicity and effectiveness of the Ninja Selling systems and philosophies to create lives they had only imagined.  Anyone can make these systems work.  Its about being authentic, embracing your strengths and giving your clients what they really want, a friend in the real estate business. All of our coaching is 100% customized to the individual and their goals.

of Ninja Coaching clients making over $350,000 GCI annually.

the average increase in annual GCI Ninja Coaching clients experienced in 2015.

of Ninja Coaching Coaches who have made a living selling real estate.

The secret sauce of the successful!  We will hold your feet to the fire.  Did you do what you said you would?  Are your actions aligning with your stated goals/priorities?

NO SCRIPTS here!  Your coaching is 100% customized to you. Your goals and vision drive every part of your coaching.

Encouragement goes along way.  Your coach will be in your corner, pulling for you every step of the way.

An objective party to help identify challenges, solutions and opportunities. Bounce ideas and get unbiased feedback.

Unlimited access to your coach in between scheduled appointments.  Dont wait to get clarification or answer to question. Time is precious.

All coaching is month-to-month.  We dont like to be stuck in long term contracts and figure neither do you!

Ninja Coaching is 100% based on the tools and systems of Ninja Selling. Dubbed the User Friendly system for a reason.  Our forms and tracking tools making it even easier.

The only official 1-on-1 coaches of Ninja Selling.  Coaches have long history in real estate and have mastered the Ninja systems.

A Commitment Today Could Change Your Tomorrow.

I had the BEST year of my career thanks to Ninja Coaching. I finally hit my long time goal of 100 transactions and I took 6 full weeks off! The systems, accountability calls and forms, and the encouragement are priceless! I have enjoyed my job so much this year, I am excited to work for the next 20 years! I could never have accomplished so much without the help. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I am ready to take my business to the next level!