Business Brokers (in some markets called business intermediaries) assist buyers and sellers of privately held businesses in the buying and selling process. They typically estimate the value of the business; present and advertise it for sale with or without disclosing its identity; handle the initial potential buyer qualification interviews, discussions and negotiations with prospective buyers; facilitate the progress of the due diligence investigation, prepare and manage completion of a formal Business Purchase Agreement and generally assist with the business sale.

Agency relationships in business ownership transactions involve the representation by a qualified Business Broker (on behalf of a business brokerage company) of the selling principal. That person is usually a seller although there are circumstances where a buyer may retain a broker to source a business to buy. The principal broker (and his/her agents) then become the agent/s of the selling principal, who is the brokers client. The other party in the transaction, who does not have an agency relationship with the broker, is the brokers customer.

How far can you see? How creative can your mind work? You are surrounded by everything you need to live a life of plenty; the possibilities are right in front of you. But what has been stopping you from reaching the life of your dreams? Is it fear of the unknown as you step out of the boundaries of your comfort zone? Yes, it is scary to plunge into unfamiliar territory, but, believe you have what it takes to reach greater heights in life.

Think about where you are now, running around in endless circle and cycle within your comfort zone. You are too comfortable that you are waiting for things to unfold around you in your mini world inside that comfort zone, where everybody is fighting for their own space. Why are you limiting yourself? Why are you scared of exploring deep inside yourself? There are still some things beautiful deep inside you undiscovered, why not start your journey within yourself now then look at other opportunities you havent tried before around you? There could be a gem there, a goldmine, ready to be tapped.

Fear not for the gift of strength is within you. Fear not for the life you dream of is out there, but, surely, that life is not inside your limited space, called your comfort zone. There are many people out there ready to welcome you to teach you, you just have to get out there to know them.

Fear is why we get stuck in the commotion of our own limited views. For clarity, set aside time to quiet yourself. Dont rush but dont take your time. Opportunities will not wait for you. Clarify in your heart that you believe in your abilities, then dive and plunge into new territories.

What have your words created? Have they created better relationships? Have they created people to appreciate themselves more? Have they created more reasons to celebrate life? Have they created a better living environment? Or have they created grief? It is paramount to ask and answer these questions as words are a powerful force that can either create harmony or destruct faith in others and self. How are your words affecting you, others and your environment?

Choice. You have the power to choose, choose wisely. Yes, you have freedom; freedom to do anything you want. As you exercise this freedom, consider the effects of your choices in the long run. As you choose the words that you speak, write or gesture, look deeper and farther for words stick to memories, once spoken or let out, you cannot delete. The impact of your words creates ripples far beyond what you think. It wont hurt if you walk on the side of grace and wisdom when you deliver your words. These words are those that you say to yourself and others; train your mind and heart to speak with grace.

Make it your mission to be an instrument of uplifting others, not for any palpable rewards but for rewards imprinted only in time. Among other things, use your genuinely sincere words showing authentic encouragement. Surely, connecting like this will go a long way to make your life meaningful and to make others fruitful.

Coming from gratitude and from realizing how much we have been given, we can only realize how overflowingly we are endowed with so much provisions. The mere fact that we are given the ability to produce wealth alone is more than enough to be thankful for.  Our biggest asset is our own selves and we can even be bigger than life if we set our sight on whats in front of us: the vast panorama of abundance right within our view. Sometimes we are blinded we cannot see this abundance; we are blinded by thoughts of not having enough because we want more, thinking that to have more is the anchor of happiness.

Giving ones self is often realized when we serve. When we serve we give part of ourselves because we give our time which can never be recovered once spent; time which is fixed for everyone in the universe as no one has more than twenty four hours; time which is precious like gold as we can measure how much every minute of our time costs. Monetary contributions can be earned back in a breeze. Time can never be returned back to us. As we serve, we give of ourselves- the very reason why this is the most noble of all giving. We expand as we do this. We expand because we make it possible to embed imprints of ourselves into the lives of others as we make our physical presence felt. The love that we express in this form of giving is humbling; we give others permission to experience us on a level that can only be made possible by a sincere act of spending our time with others in the spirit of service.

Let us not get tired of giving part of us, the fruits of our good heart, for this is the path that echoes thru eternity.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

If there is one reward in going deeper and deeper into the journey with God, it is this: that new things will be revealed to us keeping us in constant awe of how magnificent and glorious are Gods work in our lives, of how he has created so much for our enjoyment and holiness. If only we could rightly and quickly respond to His call as soon as we hear it, we could immediately embark on this remarkable journey of being open to new visions and understanding.

Indeed, it is amazing grace to be called. The experience of eyes being open to truths we have not known before is something that is incomparable in this lifetime. Happy are those who respond to His call, for theirs is the power of faith in peace and the power to carry on with gratitude and courage because we know the truth that God, in his great love, is seeing us through all the way. We know this. So much is being revealed to us in each of our encounters. God is near. He is not far away. Just call Him and He will answer.

Trust. Trust first, then feel His faithful love.

Another session of staffing for Advance Leadership Course, a transformative seminar. No one left out. More meaning and awakening.

Self- Mastery and Skills Mastery: a powerful combination when facilitated with top executives, the decision-makers, movers, leaders and change-makers; this is how results are created.

We belong to a tribe whose time and energy are spent to stir the buried potential in people. We touch lives in a way that creates waves in both the mind and the heart, that when put together to accelerate the team, balance and drive are the engine that move the team forward.

We increase your awareness of where the low points are coming from, we show you the possibilities of how far you can go if the engine is revved at its proper timing.

New adventures. New roads. The prospect of joy awaiting; the prospect of love abounding; reasons to smile are everywhere, you only start with thankfulness.

We all want to pursue a life that is meaningful; a life that is fruitful, and if we remain open to the limitless possibilities of life, to take courage to let go of things or situations that do not work and that stop us from being fruitful, we are opening our doors to yes-I-receive moments. Yes, goodness-and-abundance-come-to-me scenarios are well lined up for the picking, we just need that readiness of heart when the avalanche of love manifesting in abundant goodness comes pouring in. These are reasons to smile. These are reasons to keep walking forward, not looking back to yesterdays shortcomings but keeping our feet on the ground in steady strides. Steady strides. We get to the destination of our dreams in steady strides, regardless of speed, steady strides without stopping smiling each step of the way will bring us to a beautiful change.

We get to the point of fruitfulness when side by side, our nature is juxtaposed to our good heart. It is when the heart is filled to the brim with love does life bloom.

You will experience fruitfulness in your life if the first order of the day is gratitude.

It is TIME for you to SHINE in 2018. Join us and discover how to make a grand leap to become the person you want to be joyful and abundant. Things will never be the same again. Message us for your inquiries and reservations.