is a 2010Telugu filmwritten, composed and directed byR. P. Patnaikwho also portrays the lead role in the film.(2014) was loosely inspired from this film. A sequel titled

Ganapati alias Gani (R. P. Patnaik) is a mediator who has a lot of contacts with politicians and government officers. Several people approach him and offer bribe to the officials to get their things done quickly. He is the right hand of a big politician (Kota Srinivasa Rao) in dealing with land encroachments. He also saves a corrupt officer Dharmateja (Srihari) when ACB officials rides his house and got suspended. A lot of people suffer due to this. Once he helps his old teacher (Gollapudi Maruti Rao) to get his retirement benefits by offering bribe. Being a principled man, he commits suicide when he comes to know about it. Gani also loses his son in a fly-over collapse incident. Gani helped the contractor in getting the project from officials through bribes. His wife hates him because of his lobbying job. But he still continues.

On one occasion he meets Dharmateja and knows about his charity work. He explains to him why he is a changed man now. Gani feels guilty for all his past actions, and goes to a TV studio to reveal all the connections he had with and corrupt officials and the amount of money they had taken as bribes. He reveals a couple of connections which shocks everybody. Then he refuses to reveal all the names, requesting those corrupt officials reveal themselves. A lot of calls are flooded to the TV studio from various parts of the state. The Chief minister declares that there would no cases against those who voluntarily surrendered their illegal money and it would be utilized for the people.

Gollapudi Maruti Raoas a retired school teacher

Keerthi Chawlaas Film actress Urvasi (Guest appearance)

Dharmavarapu Subramanyamas a man who sells plots onMoon

Bharath Reddyas Inspector Surya, Harinis fianc

The album consists of 5 songs composed by R.P. Patnaik.

01 Kukka Thoka Vankara (sung by: Simha)

02 Atu Vangapadu (sung by: Yadagiri,Geetha Madhuri)

03 Purudu Posthe Lancham (sung by :Priya Subrahmanyam)

04 Sare Jahase Acha (sung by: Sreeram Chandra)

05 Bolo Jai Jai Jai Ganapathi (sung by:Hemachandra)

Nandi Award for Best Story WriterR. P. Patnaik

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