The MQTT Dashboard utilizes theHiveMQ MQTT broker. You can use any MQTT client or library to publish to the broker.

Testing and usage is for free but please do not use it for sensitive information because everybody is allowed to subscribe to every topic, including wildcard. Feel free to play with MQTT and the HiveMQ broker. Please consider to add a reconnect logic to your client because we may update the underlaying HiveMQ instance at any time, so we cannot promise 100% uptime.

If you are new to MQTT and want to know how it works take a look at theMQTT Essentialswhich explains all the basics in a very digestable manner.

You can use ourMQTT Websocket clientto publish and subscribte to the broker. A list of assorted MQTT client tools with tutorials about their features can be found in theMQTT Toolbox.

If you want to use MQTT in your software project you can take a look at theMQTT Client Library Encyclopedia, which contains a range of HowTos on MQTT client libraries for different programming languages.