The 3 Day Suit Broker Experience: What to Expect

At 3 Day Suit Broker, everything about our suits is top of the line EXCEPT the prices!

Not only you can expect quality suits from all your favorite brands, such as Calvin Klein, DKNY, Zillioni, you can also look forward to paying about half the price of department stores. Each of our stores has over 5,000 suits to choose from with prices starting as low as $99. With all the latest styles and colors in a multitude of sizes, finding a suit has never been easier. Youll thank us and your wallet will love us! For over 20 years, Southern Californians have counted on us for excellent suits at bargain prices.

After over 20 years of selling affordable, high quality suits, we have perfected the buying experience. Here at 3 Day Suit Broker, we understand that shopping for a suit can be a dreadful and frustrating experience. This is why our main priority is to make the suit purchasing process as fast and easy as possible. With the combination of our in-store suit experts, affordable prices and our huge selection, finding the perfect suit is fast and painless.

We believe that every man should feel comfortable and proud of his purchase, but not every man is suit savvy. Our staff is here to help those in need. Think of them as your personal stylist, ready to assist you! We can help you put together outfits that fit well and are color coordinated, making sure to bring out your best features and personality.

When you leave the store, every suit should fit like a glove. That is why each of our seven locations staffs an in-store tailor that is ready to measure you and accommodate your every need. Many times, we can have your alterations done within 24 to 48 hours. In the end, its just another reason to love 3 Day Suit Broker!