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Education Course Availability (Statutory/Pre-License Courses)

California institutions of higher learning, recognizing the impact of real estate activities on the general economy of the state and the complexities of real estate transactions, have established model career development and training programs.

: Presently, most community colleges offer a real estate curriculum. The majority of these colleges offer the courses that are mandatory to obtain a real estate broker or salesperson license, as well as the courses leading to an Associate of Arts degree in Real Estate. In the larger metropolitan areas, a full spectrum of real estate courses, beyond the required courses, offer opportunities in fields directly and indirectly related to real estate. Prospective students should contact their local community colleges for complete information. For information on real estate courses offered by community colleges in California, seeCommunity College Real Estate ProgramsandCalifornia Virtual Campus.

For additional resources, seeThe California Community College Real Estate Education Center (CCCREEC)and theFoundation for California Community Colleges.

: The University of California and The California State University systems offer numerous real estate courses as a portion of various degree programs. For information on real estate programs and courses offered, seeThe University of CaliforniaThe California State UniversityandThe CSU Foundation.

: Courses taken at foreign institutions must be evaluated by a DRE-approved Credentials Evaluation Service. Written evidence of the evaluation must be presented in a manner satisfactory to DRE. SeeExamination Applicant Foreign Education Information (RE 223)

It is the applicants responsibility to ensure the choice of courses will satisfy the prerequisites for a real estate license.

Some California private vocational schools also offer the required pre-license education courses. Only those schools which have made a formal request, filed an application, and obtained formal approval from the Real Estate Commissioner may offer the courses. Private school courses are normally not transferable for credit at public institutions of higher learning.

Courses offered by out-of-state private schools are not acceptable unless prior approval of the California Real Estate Commissioner has been obtained.

For those students who prefer independent study, the University of California (Extension), as well as several California private vocational schools, offer correspondence courses in the required subjects.

No more than two courses may be completed in any five-week period. (A single course may not be completed in less than 2 1/2 weeks.) The student should make certain the courses offered by the private school are approved by the Real Estate Commissioner and satisfies the pre-license education course requirements.

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