The exciting new training tool designed specifically for pawnshops. Pawnshop Academy provides you with a stream of engaging, original videos that quickly train your new hires and bring your trusted employees games to the next level.

We continually develop training videos specifically designed for the pawn industry. With over 100 years of combined training experience at Pawnshop Academy, we believe that training the fundamentals to your employees is the key to success in the pawn industry.

We offer Pawnshop 101 and 201 as 30-day courses with videos that cover a variety of topics to help your employees be:

Ready to jumpstart your new hires or get your current employees the training they need to be successful in the ever changing Pawn Industry? Pawnshop 101 will get your employees acquainted with understanding their new role in the pawn business, get the history of the pawn business, and give them some healthy work habits to follow that will make you a successful Pawn Specialist.

The 201 course expands upon the fundamentals of what was taught in the 101 course. We give your Pawn Specialists the edge at the loan counter and explains more of the why of what was taught in the fundamentals. Giving your employees a clear understanding of why they do what they do. Once your employees have the why, they will be more effective at explaining programs, loans, and options to customershere. Making them better offer solutions for you customers while they increase your bottom line and make better loan decisions.

Product training is one of the most important and biggest challenges Pawnshops face. The world of products and their trends are ever changing in todays light-speed paced. We are continually developing new videos with that act as a resource for you employees to get to understand these products better. Making them more effective at the loan counter.

Video is a very powerful tool to get a consistant message across to your team. Use that power to get the attention of your employees with our engaging videos that will keep the attention of your employees all the way through the training program. Our goal is to make attractive and engaging videos you cant find anywhere else but here!Check out the previews of the courses here!

We offer multiple courses that cover the basics and fundamentals of any pawnshop. Our 19 video Pawnshop 101 course will take your new hire through the pawn business ropes. Learning how to test gold jewelry, properly determine value, handling firearms, and much much more! Follow up that basic training with our 201 series where build on the foundation we lay in the 101 course.

Our trainers come from a long history of working in the pawn industry with writers and content from some of the top people in the industry. Be confident that the training material is perfect for your employees.

Pawnshop Academy continues to develop with your feedback and experience in the field. This is YOUR training program, and we tailor our program to your needs. See the difference from day one, and make training a breeze. Watch your employees generate more revenue, FASTER!