Grow, Manage, and Simplify Your Drop Ship Program.

Automation-led Drop Shipment: The next step in the drop ship automation and supply chain data integration for retailers

Logicbroker provides EDI and drop ship technology that unites brands, retailers, and the systems they rely on.

When it comes to drop shipping channels, Logicbroker has just made it easy to connect to retailers such as , m, and we were just able to pick up those channels in a week.

Utilizing Logicbroker allows us to offer our vendors a cost effective, technologically flexible approach to the drop ship business, addressing key issues for both SHC and our vendor community. Their experience in this space and dedication of the account team is allowing for rapid migration with negligible business impact during the transition.

Over the past year we have experienced tremendous growth. We have grown our business 10x, and couldnt have done it without our partnership with Logicbroker.

Leading brands and retailers choose Logicbroker. Heres why:

Open API: The Logicbroker RESTful API wraps clean, modern technology around legacy supply chain data. Quickly code to the most developer-friendly EDI integration solution available.

Modernized EDI: Our fresh approach to EDI has made Logicbroker the clear choice for successful brands and retailers. A SaaS platform built to scale your digital commerce business.

Team Expertise: Our team is comprised of talented individuals with a passion for digital commerce. From solution design to everyday support, trust the people and expertise of Logicbroker.

No Per Order or Document Fees: Keep your margins with a predictable annual subscription and no transaction fees. No annoying charges per kilocharacter, percentage of revenue, or charge per order.