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Designations and certifications acknowledge experience and expertise in the industry. REALTORS® Real Estate Schools Hot Topic Programs are keep you on top of the hottest trends in the industry.Read More

REALTORS® Real Estate Schools Commercial Courses are designed to increase skills, proficiency, and knowledge in the commercial industry. They include a variety of course types including CE, Hot Topics, and Certifications.Read More

Begin your career in real estate with our Broker Licensing Course. Learn the requirements to obtain a Brokers license, and sign up to get started today.Read More

Complete the courses necessary to become a Broker, Managing Broker, or Leasing Agent. Classes are available in the classroom, self-study or online.Read More

REALTORS® Real Estate School offers the courses you need to renew your license. Continuing Education courses are available for Brokers, Managing Brokers and Leasing Agents.Read More

Chicago Association of REALTORS® members have access to training programs to stay fully informed on the skills you need to succeed.Read More

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