Madelaine Cooper works as a coach with professionals in the creative industries.

I help both individuals and also companies to become stronger and sharper in their focus and ready to make the most impact with new challenges and opportunities.

I work with companies looking to attract and retain creative individuals or to define and build creative teams. And also with individuals facing transitions in their careers. I get them ready to take on different professional challenges and to equip them with tools they need to get on: a direction in their work that may have been missing for some time, a renewed sense of what it is that makes them valuable and fulfilled and a great presentation that tells these stories.

Madelaine brings both wisdom and objectivity to the conversation. It is a great gift be able to challenge long-established patterns of thinking and/ or behaviour in an empathetic and yet insightful way. The conversations are always thought provoking long after the moment has passed. As with all coaching, it is up to you to accept what you discover…