A wide variety of business loans & commercial financing customized to your companys unique needs.

Financing for real estate loans including acquisition, construction, and permanent.

As hard money lenders we offer lightening fast approval and funding with reasonable rates.

Construction loans to cover the entire development process until you get permanent financing.

Equipment financing including equipment leasing, equipment loans, and sale leasebacks.

Bridge loans packages to cover the gap between equity rounds or real estate development.

Factoring of accounts receivable to smooth over cash flow and get your money quicker.

SBA loans provide reasonable rates, long terms, and are guaranteed by the SBA.

Business lines of credit provide working capital access with interest paid only when used.

Alternative Funding Partners is a Denver based full-service capital sourcing, training and marketing company in the growing alternative funding space.

As commercial loan brokers, our 360 approach to relationships professionally serves a wide-variety of institutions, companies and industries with the mission to secure the most appropriate type of funding and business loans possible to help businesses acquire the capital needed to help their businesses grow.

As business loan brokers we partner with commercial banks, community banks, credit unions, CPAs and attorneys to provide their clients with direct access to non-traditional sources of capital.  Banks offer our services when they are unable to fund a client,or when they have workout and exit situations we can address.This handoff to AFP enables bankers to retain profitable deposit relationships.

We also provide an industry-leadingRevenue Share Programto institutions looking to earn fee income as a result of our partnership.  Business Advisors also consider us a trusted source for their clients and enjoy revenue share opportunities as well for their efforts.

We are also a proud member of theColorado Bankers Association.

We partner with brokers nationwide to provide their clients access to capital when they are unable to secure traditional financing.  Brokers appreciate our industry knowledge, tailored approach and proven process which results in more deals closed quickly.   Our win-win approach to relationships featuring anindustry-leading 50/50 fee splitensures clients receive the most appropriate type of financing and brokers receive very fair compensation for their efforts.

Our Commercial Loan Broker Institute (CLBI) provides an innovative, intensive, 5 Day in-person training curriculum to new entrants to the brokering business looking to create, market and grow their business.

We work directly with small medium size businesses of all types and provide them with guidance, assurance and direct access to reputable sources of capital to help grow their businesses.  We also consult with companies and provide world-class marketing services including website development, branding, lead development and search engine optimization to further grow their business through our AFP Marketing Group.

For most businesses, cash flow is not always a sure thing. You have months of surplus where it seems like the profits are rolling in, and then youll have a whole season where you cant seem to get in the black no matter how hard you try. This might not seem like the…

As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to run your business smoothly and efficiently. However, for many people this, unfortunately, means floating on credit when money is tight. While having a company credit card can be essential, its never a good idea to rely on credit cards too often to balance your books.

There are very few businesses out there that are able to stay profitable every part of the year. Most businesses experience a season or two of profit and success, and then have to use the money they made during that time to make it through the rest of the year, when…

We are the trusted and total sourcing, training and marketing solution in the alternative funding business. Our mission is to secure the most appropriate funding possible, provide the best broker training in the business and help businesses grow with first-class marketing services.