At Gallagher, we have a market leading bus and coach insurance product and wefocus on delivering tailored risk management solutionsfor your industry. We are proud to have some of Australias best insurance brokers in our team whoseadvice is based on practical, proven knowledge of the needs and challenges facing single vehicle and fleet operators across Australia.Our team of specialistswill guide you through reviewing your risks andidentifying management and mitigation strategies.

Our innovative team of bus and coach specialistshave developed one of the most competitve and comprehensive insurance packages on the market,Gallagher Bus and Coach Plus.

TheGallagher Bus and Coach Plusmotor product offers a range of standard and optional benefitsthat can be tailored to suit your specific needs:

Ensuring that your vehicles are replaced new for old in the first 24 months of registration

Having insurance cover specifically designed for your industry with reduced premiums

Emergency transportation and/or accommodation costs of $25,000 if nearest depot exceeds 100kms

Additional expenditure of $15,000 up to 90 days

Automatic inclusion of units $600,000 bus and coach, $150,000 sedans, wagons, 4wds

Our clientsalso receive a specialized underwriting and claims approach to the bus and coach segment that is highly competitive.

Talk to aGallagher brokerabout a tailored bus and coach insurance solution for your organisation.

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