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Cannot start SQL Server Service Broker on Database

Cannot start SQL Server Service Broker on Database Rule


Cannot start SQL Server Service Broker on Database

A problem is preventing SQL Server from starting Service Broker. Check the SQL Server error log for additional messages.

While SQL Server was starting Service Broker detected an error in the database. The database ID is recorded in the Windows application log as MSSQLSERVER event ID 9697. This does not indicate a Service Broker problem, but the error does needs to be investigated.

Review the Windows application and system logs for errors. Correct any problems that you find and restart the SQL Server Service.

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Is Management Pack inventory available for SQL Server 2012 MP version

Database cannot be opened due to inaccessible files or insufficient memory or disk space. See the SQ

Due to over storage of SQL database files the memory allocation refuses and creates some errors which are responsible for SQL database inaccessibility. You must go through this to learn more about resolving solutions:-

I recommend you to read this article which serve you how get rid of this consistency error:-

You can download Management Pack inventory for SQL Server 2008:

Where can i get the Management pack Inventory for SQL 2008

According to thePinpoint catalog, the SQL MP was updated to include SQL 2012 monitoring as of 4/2/2012. Do you have an ETA for when this MPwiki entry will be updated? Keep up the great work; thanks!

You should keep in mind that file-level monitoring works rather good now but in case of extremely loaded server (e.g. which works all the time about 99% of CPU) or you have really huge number of DBs and files (e.g. 500 databases consist of 1000-2000 files) – you should think about Database-level space monitoring.