The SQL Server Service Broker helps developers to build scalable as well as secure database applications.

The SQL Server Service Broker helps developers to build scalable as well as secure database applications. The Service Broker is part of the database engine; it provides a message base communication platform used in independent application components to perform as functioning whole. The Service Broker also supports an asynchronous programming model used in single instances as well as for distributed applications.

Service Broker also provides queuing and reliable messaging for SQL Server. Service Broker is used both for applications that use a single SQL Server instance as well as applications that distribute work across multiple instances.


— To know Service Broker is enabled status for a particular database, run following Query

SELECTis_broker_enabledFROMsys.databasesWHEREname=Database name;

— is_broker_enabled will be 1 if Service Broker is enabled for the given database, otherwise it will be 0.

Database integration provides performance enhancement; database administration is also very easy when data, messages and application logic are within the database.

The Service Broker handles message order, unique delivery, and conversation identification automatically.

The Service Broker provides a loose coupling between the source (initiating) application and the target application.

The Service Broker associates related conversations in a conversation group. The Service Broker automatically locks all messages that are in the same conversation group, so that these messages can be received and processed by one application instance.

The Service Broker also supports activation. Activation allows an application to dynamically scale itself to match the volume of messages that arrive in the queue.

Please refer toAdvantages of Service Brokerto understand the advantages in detail.

The following are the possible uses of the Service Broker:

Distributed Server-Side Processing for Client Applications

Please refer to theUses of Service Brokerto understand the uses in detail.

Service Broker is very useful for asynchronous integration, providing for secure, scalable and reliable messaging. It is also useful when multiple sources can be responsible for initiating the integration of the same data.

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