Kendall Marles, account executive for Falvey Cargo Underwriting, was selected to attend the esteemedLloyds Broker Academyduring theweek of October 1, 2018. This curriculum provides participants with the opportunity to see Lloyds through the eyes of the markets underwriters and brokers, gaining a detailed understanding of how business is transacted at Lloyds and building new relationships.

Kendall was interviewed following her experience in London:

Being selected to attend the Lloyds Broker Academy was an incredible honor. I was immensely grateful for the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the London market.

For me, the best part of the academy was shadowing an underwriter in The Box and a broker on the floor for two days of the week. Being able to see how business is transacted on both the broker and underwriting side was invaluable.

Another great experience was a team challenge, where participants from different classes of business (management liability, professional liability, energy, marine & inland transportation, and commercial property) joined together to create a presentation for a fictitious client, and then present it to a panel. Each member of my team brought unique ideas and solutions for this client that could be found at Lloyds. It was incredible to see each member of the team put together the pieces of what we had learned during the week and form it into a complete and polished presentation.

I have walked away with a much better understanding of exactly how business is transacted at Lloyds. Now, when I send a request to underwriters or brokers, I understand what their day looks like and what information I can provide to keep the process moving along.

Attending the Lloyds Broker Academy was truly an invaluable experience that I will surely never forget, and I am forever grateful to have received this opportunity. I would absolutely recommend this program to those who are interested in furthering their knowledge in the insurance industry and gaining a better understanding of the London market.

About Kendall Marles:Kendall Marles was hired at Falvey Cargo Underwriting in 2014 as an underwriting technical assistant. She was promoted to account executive in 2017 and currently assists four underwriters with their books in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Florida, Central, South, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, and Los Angeles, CA.

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