Many Americans cant afford to miss one paycheck yet most of us arent financially prepared if an emergency should come up. Disability insurance can protect your clients paycheck by replacing a portion of their income if theyre unable to work.

At diBrokerWest,we are experts in the disability insurance industry helping agents like you find and sell the best products to protect their clients income.

We provide the best sales support and service in the industry. Youll notice with your first call to our office youll always be greeted by a live insurance specialist during our normal business hours. The diBrokerWest team includes friendly sales and administrative professionals with more than a centurys worth of combined experience selling and managing disability insurance. We think people should talk to people. One-on-one.

Our cutting-edge Agent Portal can help you manage your business and disability insurance clients online and on the go. With FREE access to our Agent Portal, you can submit new disability insurance quotes, view previous quotes, manage cases in underwriting and even take new disability insurance applications online. Youll also have access to forms, applications and great marketing material thatll help you work like a pro. Best of all, our disability insurance Agent Portal is built to work beautifully on any sized screen for access when you need it! We are The Brokerage of Possibilities.

You can track your production on our website and we will pool your production across our core disability carriers, providing the most competitive compensation schedule. One commission schedule for all your core DI production.

Thank you so very much for helping me with this coverage and finding me something I feel comfortable with. It is not the easiest type of shopping to navigate and in the end it could potentially make a big difference in my life.

dibrokerWest developed an enrollment tool, SALES, for a significant client of our. SALES significantly reduced the time I and our client spent enrolling the firm. 6 to 8 weeks had been the norm to gather all requirements. Utilizing SALES I had all applications properly completed, signed and into home office in 3 days, I didnt think it was possible. Thanks guys!!

Orpha, Orpha, Orpha… thanks for all your help. Your comparison work really help lead a discussion with my client. You guys are the best!

dibrokerWest promised a state of the art enrollment tool. I was very skeptical. I was very wrong. SALES, dibWs enrollment tool, was easy to use and critical to our success in enrolling this group quickly, easily and accurately.

Thanks to Orpha and all the folks at dibrokerWest for the help you provided writing DI on the attorney we spoke about. I have sold DI before, but this attorney was very detailed and without your assistance I dont think I would have gained his confidence or closed the sale. Your service was invaluable!