Identifying and addressing startup investment risks.

The venture asset class has seen promising aggregate returns as a whole.

Learn about venture capital as an asset class.

Your campaign profile is the first glimpse an investor gets of your company. Let your companies personality shine.

Know the words and definitions that are regularly used in equity crowdfunding.

What are the different types of raises that a company can do on SeedInvest

What is a Special Purpose Vehicle and what are the pros and cons of using it?

An overview of the newly enacted rules around Regulation CF.

Risks you need to consider when making an investment in a startup.

You should regularly update investors on your startups progress.

When to raise capital, what investors look for and how due diligence works.

Sources of capital, stages of startup capital raising and how to set the terms of your deal.

Using direct outreach, social media and the press to reach investors.

How to manage a portfolio of startup investments.

Completing a startup investment involves completing due diligence, legal documentation and transferring funds.

How to read a pitch deck, term sheet and analyze a startup investment.

How to choose startups and deals that are worth considering for your portfolio.

Planning how early-stage companies fit into your portfolio.

There are many different types of startup investor.

A convertible note is a form of short-term debt that converts into equity.

Different type of investments are open to different kinds of investor.

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