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It is now a fact that virtually all life and health insurance companies require licensed insurance agents and brokers to obtain and carry Errors and Omissions insurance to protect themselves against the liability of wrongful acts during the process of providing, or the failure to provide, professional services to prospective clients. This includes (but is not limited to) activities relating to the sale, attempted sale, or servicing of all forms of life and health insurance.

The requirement to carry professional liability coverage, which is now considered as an ever present operating expense to life and health agents, has often been difficult to find at an affordable cost.

All American Brokers is pleased to provide access to a trulyaffordable Errors and Omissions program.

As an insurance agent you will deal with a wide number and variety of people. Regardless if you supply insurance commercially or for individuals making a mistake can be very costly. Errors and omissions insurance covers the judgments, settlements and defense costs incurred in the event a client takes legal action against a professional or company.

Individuals or businesses should purchase E&O coverage as soon as they have errors and omissions exposure. Any professional who provides a service for a fee is a candidate for E&O insurance.

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