NEW IFS Doctrines for IFS Logistics and IFS HPC

Two new IFS Doctrines are available. Please find more detailed information about the Doctrines for IFS Logistics and IFS HPC below.

Now available: the IFS App- IFS Audit Manager

Download the free basic version of the IFS App IFS Audit Manager for Android and Apple devices now and use it to perform internal audits. …

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Welcome to the website of the International Featured Standards (IFS). The IFS comprise eight different food and non-food standards, covering the processes along the supply chain. However, IFS does not specify what these processes must look like but merely provides a risk-based assessment of them. The different standards are now used by manufacturers and retailers worldwide to meet new requirements for quality, transparency and efficiency resulting from globalisation. To ensure our standards meet the needs of all partners, we develop them together with suppliers and retailers as well as certification bodies. Specific topics that are relevant for individual groups can be found in the dedicated sections of our website. All general information can be accessed from the standard page.

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