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There are many Real Estate school choices to help you get started in your new career. Dont leave your education to chance. Why choose us? Why do we stand out above the rest?

Higher than average pass rate on the IL State licensure exam

Over 60 plus combined years of experience providing education and training to the Chicagoland and reciprocal states in the real estate community

Our school isnt run by brokers or investors without formal degreed experience educating our students, its run by proven successfully educators with a Doctorate in Education, Curriculum and Instruction and a degreed certified teacher with over 40 plus, years of teaching experience in the field of real estate for commercial and residential

Our instructors get back to you and are available to answer your questions via the phone or email

Our updated flexible course options-live online/classroom, home-study and online

Our passionate experienced, dedicated faculty with over 40 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate industry as a broker and managing broker

We have developed programs that have been proven to work

Available one-on-one tutoring available just in case

Real customer service, backed by the guidance you need to get through our programs as well as your State exam whether your from our school or another school

The best books in the industry to learn from because we are educators and curriculum experts

Having a school run and owned by two proven successful educators makes all the difference in your customer, learning and passing experience on the State exam; our results and referrals show it

12 & 24 Hour Program Classroom, Webinar, Homestudy & Online.

One on One and group exam preparations in person & webinar.

Add an additional license to expand your marketing world.

Add a new phase and become a professional real estate appraiser.

Increase your marketing secure your license in other states across the nation.

Check back often for new course offerings here at Inland Real Estate School.

As a new real estate broker you are creating your own brand. Your trying to decide what to specialize in and what to be known for?

Part of that could be where you went to school. Certain schools have certain reputations and things that they represent and stand out as being, and it doesnt hurt to align your new brand, with a school that shares your same philosophies, reputation and consistent success for the past 14 years

When you attendInland Real Estate School, Inc. you can be assured that we invest in you and your success as well as guide you through the real estate education process and then again make sure you continue to be successful-once you receive your license through our post license and continuing education.

A certificate from our school means you have a passionate instructor with over 40 years of experience in the real estate field, including residential and commercial and as a managing broker, so your classroom content and the ability of your teacher to assist your learning with real world examples is bar none, which will also help you to pass your state test.

Attaining your certificate with us, means you had access to your instructor when you needed them to clarify questions you had about math, or certain terms, to solidify your learning for the state exam, and this opportunity is one of the biggest reasons why our pass rate is substantially higher on the state exam than the state average! Your not just a number, withInland Real Estate School, Inc.

Our school is run and owned by two educators, one traditional successful educator who has been teaching for over 40 years, and another traditional and online educator, which has had great success, running three different for-profit national and international school brands for the last two decades.

So both school owners truly understand student learning and have written their programs they offer, to engage all levels of learning, so you can be sure the material sticks, for when you need it the most.

Since they are educators, they understand-how to guide you through the schooling process, all the way to your test preparation, and rest assured if you run into problems, they offer one on one tutoring to help you succeed, whether your an Inland student or a student from another school, because educating all students is their passion.

Thats why so many of our students bring their friends to class with them for a study buddy and once they finish class, they refer their friends and family to us as they know we will treat them like family too!

We have top programs, with flexible learning to suit your learning needs, in practical fields that give you the advantages of choosing: your own schedule, what you earn and the lifestyle you would like to create, with the customer service and dedication that you need to succeed!

Reach out today, and let us help you choose the right program for your new career! Its our pleasure, and we are so proud to see you succeed, as your success is our success!

Dave is a very effective teacher! He Makes the information easier to remember with his stories and experience. He teaches at a a good pace and is very accommodating to his students!

Best instructors available! They Considered offering extra classes on top of the 90 hours for individuals requiring extra help. People will definitely pay more to learn more.

Dave makes the course interesting and his experience comes across. I like the personal story examples! Thank you!

I cannot see improvements of the instructors performance being possible. He is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had and I truly wish the course were longer. He kept us engaged, inspired, and encouraged. He was phenomenal!

Dave is an amazing instructor! He doesnt just teach words on the page, he brings concepts to life. This greatly enhances your ability to understand Real Estate practices and laws!

I especially liked the way Dave explained things in real world scenarios. It helped put things into perspective.

especially liked the way Dave explained thins in real work scenarios. It helped put things into perspective.

By far the best class I have taken. I tried to get my broker license before but gave up because I was not given much instruction not did I have anyone to ask questions to.

Class was insightful, fun, interesting, relevant and availability if instructor was amazing!

I found this course to be excellent and Dave was super helpful and accommodating. I can not say enough good things about Dave and the class.

Dave is super knowledgeable and explains things well. His examples help unclear concepts become clear.

David is currently owner and President, CEO for: Inland Real Estate School, formerly part of Inland Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. He was Managing Broker of Inland Real Estate Brokerages Oak Brook office for 10 years and named Director of the school in 2007. As Director of Education, he expanded the curriculum and increased the schools offerings, enrollment and locations.

Dr. Krol has a proven reputation of excellence and professionalism among clients and peers alike whether in Higher Education or Real Estate over the last 20 years because of her proven market knowledge, integrity and personalization approach. Her multidimensional approach includes: luxury residential, estates, equine facilities, residential, and commercial space. She has developed an expansive Chicago, western suburban IL and western Michigan network of business owners, property owners and civic leaders..

The aim of our real estate license classes Chicago is not just to meet the states educational needs, but also to prepare you to get though your state licensing examination in the first attempt. We have been recognized as the most accredited real estate classes Illinois that offers quality online real estate courses Illinois for brokers at the best prices in the region. You can enroll today and start your Illinois real estate license classes today. We are the best choice for real estate classes Illinois.

If you are planning to kick-start your real estate career, then you have come to the right place. The mission of Inland Real Estate School is committed to assisting our student to launch a successful real estate career by going through our online real estate courses Illinois. We make it happen by preparing you for the Illinois realtor school exam, thoroughly. We also offer extensive training and support aimed at helping you to make the right decisions when starting your Real Estate career.

When you are considering which real estate school of Illinois is right for you, you have to consider the instructors. The instructors at Inland Real Estate School have decades of real-world experience and a passion for working with our students. Which makes us the best Illinois real estate school?

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